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PDU to carry out autopsies to study COVID impact on body

The Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay (PDU) Medical College will conduct post-mortem on those who died of Covid-19 in an attempt to know how the viral infection causes deaths so that better treatment protocols may be developed.

An official release from the state government said the forensic medicine department of the college has initiated a research project to study the physiological and biological changes a Covid-19 infection causes in a human body. For this, a research team, led by Professor Hetal Kyada, the head of the forensic medicine department and additional superintendent of dedicated Covid-19 hospital set up on the campus, will perform autopsies on some who died.

“The objective of any post-mortem is to know the cause of death. So, the study will focus on the mechanisms that this viral infection triggers and causes death. It can be clotting of the blood, inflammation or any other condition. If we come to know the causes of death, then we can find out ways to prevent it,” Professor Gauravi Dhruv, dean of PDU medical college, said.

Dhruv said as the study is highly risky, the research team has converted a room into a special mortuary. “The disease being highly infectious, the researchers will follow all the infection control measures,” said the dean.

Kyada said, “this being a research project, we will require permission of next of the kin of the victim for autopsy. We shall sanitise the body, cover it and also sanitise the cover and then last rites will be performed.”

Kyada further said that the autopsies would be pathological autopsies and not medico-legal post-mortems and that the research would be conducted under direction and guidance of the state government. – The Indian Express 


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