PerkinElmer’s Sciclone G3 NGSx iQ workstation

The ever-increasing demand for NGS requires faster, easier, and more accurate library construction. To meet this demand, PerkinElmer has created the new Sciclone NGS iQ workstation, a fully-automated, walk-away library-preparation system. The workstation reduces the library-preparation bottleneck by implementing validated protocols from a wide range of vendors on an integrated benchtop liquid handler and robotic microplate handler. The workstation has 23 deck locators, five of which are accessible by the Twister III microplate and tip handler for automated tip drop-off and removal of spent tip racks, plates, and lids. A gripper mounted to the pipetting arm facilitates the transfer of plates, tip boxes, and lids. The workstation also includes three 4–110°C temperature-controlled locators, one 4–70°C shaking locator, and an on-deck thermal cycler as well as the other hardware. Tips and tip boxes are disposed through separate chutes separating contaminated from non-contaminated plastics.

  • Confidence in the generation of high-quality NGS libraries with precise liquid transfer;
  • Take the next step in automation with an on-deck thermal cycler (OTDC);
  • Experience push-button NGS library construction; and
  • Increase throughput with robotic tip storage.

A proven history of high-quality NGS library construction. Offers an extensive library of standardized and tested NGS protocols from PerkinElmer, Illumina, Twist, NEB, Roche, and many other companies. Protocols currently available on the workstation include: PerkinElmer NEXTFLEX Rapid XP PerkinElmer NEXTFLEX Small RNA-Seq; Illumina Nextera XT DNA; Illumina Nextera Flex DNA; Illumina TruSeq Stranded mRNA Library Prep; Agilent SureSelect XT; and Roche KAPA DNA HyperPrep.

Eliminates library set-up time. Pre-plated NEXTFLEX library prep kits eliminate the need for initial run set-up, offering plug-and DNA-Seq play library construction.

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