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Plans to set up oxygen plant in western Fiji

A high-purity oxygen plant will be set up soon at Vuda outside Lautoka by gas supplier, Petroleum and Gas Company (Fiji) Pte Ltd, trading as Bluegas, to service the Fijian market and supply other Pacific island countries.

The announcement was made by company managing director Ajai Punja at its head office in Vuda Point, Lautoka yesterday.

“Currently, all oxygen is imported and we are expecting to get a plant here that can supply oxygen to Fiji and export to the Pacific Islands,” Mr Punja said.

“With COVID here, we need oxygen, the medical people need oxygen and it’s all imported and this is why we need to get this market here.”

Mr Punja said construction would begin at the end of the year and would take at least three months to complete.

He said they had spent a substantial amount to set up this investment and the plant would be certified by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA), Australia under Australia standards.

“Bluegas had initially planned this facility for 2023 but has decided to accelerate the project in the wake of the recently growing demand for oxygen of medical and industrial grades. The investment will be substantial and will create approximately 15 to 20 additional new jobs, Bluegas currently employs 140 staff.”

The company is 100 per cent Fijian-owned and is part of Hari Punja and Sons Ltd that has been providing LPG and Autogas to Fiji and the Pacific for the past 30 years. The Fiji Times

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