Private Hospitals In India To Treat COVID-19 Cases From March 26

Amid a surge in the number of cases, the government has allowed private hospitals to begin admissions of patients with suspected COVID-19 infection. So far, private nursing homes were only allowed to collect throat swab samples for suspected patients and advise them to home quarantine while waiting for the results. While the threat of community transmission looms large, the government has asked the private healthcare centres to identify separate isolation wards to treat patients with coronavirus infection.

However, inspite of the government’s approval, private hospitals still need Indian Council of Medical Research’s (ICMR) green signal to start the treatment of COVID-19 positive cases

The centre has also asked hospitals to divide medical staff into two groups so that if one group gets infected, other can work.

The biggest challenge before private hospitals is air-conditioning as infection can spread through AC ducts, according to medical experts.

So far, Uttarakhand is the only state that has allotted 25 per cent of beds for COVID-19 patients in private hospitals. Yesterday PM Modi sanctioned Rs 15,000 crore to boost healthcare system in order to fight coronavirus epidemic in the country. According to ICMR, coronavirus cases have jumped to  539 and 11 people have died due to it, as of March 25, 10 AM.-Business Today

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