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Providing innovative and affordable diagnostic solutions

conomic development of a country brings with it a change in its disease pattern. Lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes, heart and kidney-related problems, and thyroid continue to be on the rise in India. Not to forget infectious diseases like COVID-19, malaria, dengue, HIV, and TB, which too are adding to the burden on healthcare. While the prevalence of these diseases is a cause of concern, they can be managed with the help of early diagnosis and treatment. Also, since prevention is better than cure, clinicians should counsel the general population to get their blood tested periodically.

Having said that, it is also important to ensure that our labs are equipped with the latest diagnostic advancements that are easily accessible and affordable, and can provide accurate results for timely interventions.

My vision
Our vision 2021 strategy is designed to leverage our broader product portfolio, expanded market access, broader customer base, and greater innovation pipeline to offer total solutions for clinical diagnosis in over 100 countries. We have put plans into action by:

Unlocking growth opportunities. Collaborate with our teams in India and globally, to capitalize on our expanded product portfolio and integrated solutions, which are expected to deliver `1500 crore sales over the 2019 to 2021 period. We will be exploring opportunities to partner with the governments to ensure that our diagnostic tests reach the 70 percent population who has no access to them.

Driving innovation. Investing in high-growth, affordable and reliable platforms to continue to drive our R&D pipeline and accelerate long-term growth

Managing the portfolio. We will focus on optimizing our portfolio to maximize value creation. We have already taken a step in this direction by setting up an ultra-modern facility in Vizag. The facility is an effort of cross functional teams and is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and R&D capacity. In the near future, this facility will serve as the hub for all infectious diseases tests for blood banks and laboratories.

Accelerating business transformation. We will capitalize on our combined capabilities in manufacturing and R&D, in both India and globally to drive revenue synergies and efficiencies to better serve over million customers globally.

Marketing strategy
Transasia has always ensured that our products and solutions are of high quality and accuracy and at the same time affordable. Going forward too, we will remain committed to providing IVD solutions to the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Another step forward will be ramping up of capacity for online transactions and digital interactions.

Future plans
We look forward to continue positioning the group for delivering our next big plans. We will remain focused on providing early and accurate diagnostic solutions. As always, we remain committed in our quest to help form the future of the IVD Industry. Between now and 2022, our R&D labs in France, UK, USA, Austria, and India, will launch over 10 exciting, state-of-the-art instruments in the fields of CLIA, molecular, high-end hematology, Artificial Intelligence, LIS, among others. Also in the offing is a Total Lab Automation solution aimed at mid and large size laboratories. All these will soon make Erba-Transasia one among the top five companies globally to have total solutions in laboratory diagnostics.

Furthermore, providing end-to-end solutions and