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Punjab Government To Spend Only Rs 4.5 Per Person Per Day On Health

Ludhiana: Reacting to the budget proposals on health, Dr Arun Mitra, senior vice-president, Indian Doctors for Peace and Development (IDPD) said the allocation of Rs 4,675 crore is too low. This forms only 3.01% of the total budget, whereas to meet the actual health needs of the people a minimum of 10% budget should be allocated to health. According to this, per capita per year expenditure will be only Rs 1,669 which means a daily amount of Rs 4.57 per person on healthcare. There is need to upgrade the already existing infrastructure, including district-level hospitals, to provide advanced healthcare to the people of the state.

While Dr Tejbir Singh, vice-president of IDPD said, “Regarding the new medical colleges, the ongoing work of medical college in Mohali is still not complete even after seven years. From where the money for new medical colleges will come? It appears the government will hand over the medical college and district hospitals to the private sector under the PPP mode. The central government has already announced the scheme to hand over district hospitals to the private sector and attach private colleges to them. The Punjab government seems to be following the same model.This will deny affordable health care to the poor people of the state. Proposal to outsource the advanced care to the private sector will only benefit the private players at the cost of the state exchequer and make it costly for poor people. The government should develop its own infrastructure and modern facilities to ensure health to all.-Times Of India