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Company News CT scan solution earns India-first FDA approval

Bombay-based medtech firm, has recently received  clearance from the United States Food and Drug Association for its CT Scan product, qER. The AI provider has become the first from India to receive the organization’s approval.

qER is a triage and notification tool, making use of artificial intelligence to detect and prioritize head scans with indications of injuries that may require urgent attention. These include midline shifts, cranial fractures and bleeding. qER thus provides the unique opportunity and ability to triage almost any critical abnormality picked up by a routine scan. The high-quality AI imaging aims to reduce fatalities related to falsely discharged individuals due to lack of the necessary infrastructure required to identify potentially fatal complications.

With its US operations based in New York, has grown in leaps and bounds, using deep learning tech to provide automated interpretation solutions for scans, X-rays, MRIs, etc. The company’s portfolio also includes Covid-19 progression monitoring solutions for chest X-rays, in use in over 20 countries. – Tech Story

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