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Randox extended coronavirus array

COVID-19 (2019-nCoV) was declared a global emergency of international concern. The WHO’s director-general’s greatest concern is the potential for COVID-19 to spread to countries with weaker health systems. The biggest catch with containing the epidemic of COVD-19 is the detection. It has been recognized that faulty kits have been shipped around America by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and there simply are not enough kits in China. Randox can aid in overcoming these challenges. Randox have developed a fast and accurate test for the detection of COVID-19, the new strain of coronavirus. The Randox Extended Coronavirus Array is the only test in the world that can identify the potentially lethal strain and differentiate between other respiratory pathogens with similar symptoms.

The new test utilizes the Randox Biochip Technology, with results within 5 hours on the Randox Evidence Investigator, a semi-automated analyzer capable of processing 54 patient samples simultaneously.
The Randox Coronavirus Array comprises five coronaviruses strains, including the COVID-19 (2019-nCoV) strain.

Dr Peter FitzGerald
Managing Director,
Randox Laboratories

Current technologies for the diagnosis of coronavirus are designed simply to detect the presence or lack of COVID-19, and therefore neglect to differentiate between this strain and other respiratory infections. We have therefore developed an extended Viral Respiratory Infection Array that tests simultaneously for COVID-19 and nine other viruses. This will eliminate the need for multiple back-and-forth tests before the root cause of symptoms is found, and empower clinicians to make fast and informed decisions.

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