Rare Surgery Performed at MaxCure Hospitals

Cardiologists from MaxCure Hospital, Madhapur on Wednesday said they successfully conducted Retro Grade Angioplasty on a 64-year-old patient and in the process, avoided bypass surgery. The patient Nageshwar Rao, who was admitted with severe chest pain and mild heart stroke, was suffering from Chronic Total Occlusion, which is complete blockage of coronary arteries. “Heart patients with complete artery blockages can now avoid bypass surgery thanks to this technique called as Retro Grade Angioplasty. The procedure helps patients recover very fast and get back to their normal life quickly,” said senior interventional cardiologist, MaxCure Hospitals, Dr. Sharath Reddy. According to cardiologists, the Retro Grade Angioplasty technique, which was invented by the Japanese, must be performed by trained doctors and a good team of healthcare workers from multiple health departments. – Telangana Today

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