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Ratan Tata Unveils Revamped Cancer Treatment Center

Tata Sons chairman emeritus Ratan Tata said the Meherbai Tata Memorial Hospital (MTMH) will continue to serve mankind. After inaugurating the newly upgraded and expanded hospital, Tata said since its inception in 1975, the MTMH has been serving the society and it will continue to contribute to the society. Built on a 70,000 sq ft area, the 72-bed hospital has been expanded to a 128-bed hospital at a cost of Rs 65 crore. High-end cancer treatment machines, such as positron emission tomography-computed tomography (PET CT) scan machine, linear accelerator and an upgraded edition of other radiology diagnostic machines have been added to the hospital. “The PET CT scan machine is a first in the state,” Sujata Mitra, director of MTMH, said. She added that the renovated hospital has a separate daycare facility wherein the cancer patients can leave the hospital on the same day after receiving the cancer therapy.

The hospital now has a separate medical oncology ward and radiation ward for male and female patients and cabins for the attending members of the patients.  “We have 12 beds each for male and female patients at the oncology ward and 12 beds for male patients and 14 beds for female patients at the radiation ward,” Mitra said. Ranjan Chaudhry, general manager (medical services) of MTMH, said new services at MTMH will commence soon after receiving formal clearance from Atomic Energy Research Board (AERB). “In about a month we will get the formal approval.” he said, adding that MTMH is now a level one center in cancer treatment. Notably, 30,000 cancer patients arrive at MTMH and 9,000 are admitted annually. Close to 4,000 new cancer patients arrive at the hospital every year. – TOI