Refrigerators and Low Temperature Freezers





Freezer 349-FV

Control panel with LED indicator; Operating temperature of -20; Internal volume of 289L; Digital thermometer; Electronic microprocessor control with temperature indicator


GBR 50 AC, GBR 100 AC, GBR 225 AC

Based on Patented Sure Chill technology for 2 to 6°C storage of blood bags & blood samples; Exceptionally long holdovers, up more than 3 days; Inbuilt digital temperature display and recorder; Storage capacity ranges from 55-180 blood bags (350ml)

Grabner International


280L blood bank refrigerators; Lock for glass door; Drawer made of stainless steel instead of plastic; Appliances for temperature documentation


170L blood bank refrigerators; Drawer insert (shelf) with 3 fixed; Drawer made of stainless steel instead of plastic; Longitudinal dividers


500L blood bank refrigerators; Capacity per drawer is approx 30 blood bags and in total approx 150 blood bags, each 500 ml size

BL 100

95L capacity; Glass door with lock; Water tray for manual emptying; Appliances for temperature documentation; Capacity per drawer app. 18 blood bags


BRC Series

Pen drive for temp record; Color coded SS perforated trays

UDF Series

Thermograph or printing system; Pen drive system for temp records; Cascade refrigeration system

Thermo Fisher Scientific

TSX Series

Ultra-low temperature freezers with V-drive technology; Intuitive touchscreen user interface with alarm status, door-opening status, temperature status, environmental conditions, and back-up system status

Revco UxF

−86°C upright ultra-low temperature freezers with outstanding thermal performance, safety, and security through state-of-the-art engineering

Forma 8600 Series

−86°C ultra-low temperature chest freezers with centralized information center,  microprocessor control, and monitoring system; Polystyrene interior sub-lids; Easy-to-remove, washable filter

CryoExtra Series

High-efficiency cryogenic storage systems with automated temperature monitoring and microprocessor-based LN2 level control

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