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Schiller India holds workshop for healthcare professionals at Shree Krishna Hospital, Karamsad

Schiller India recently conducted a workshop for healthcare professionals at Shree Krishna Hospital, Karamsad.

Healthcare professionals were provided with the opportunity to use various pulmonary function testing (PFT) devices. This comprehensive session featured demonstrations and discussions about advanced equipment, including the GANSHORN® SpiroScout, tremoflo NIOX VERO®, and the DLCO.

The workshop underscored the crucial role of accurate diagnosis and monitoring in effectively managing respiratory conditions. Through hands-on experience with our devices, the company aimed to equip healthcare professionals with tools that can significantly enhance patient care and contribute to advancing respiratory healthcare standards.

Schiller Healthcare India is a subsidiary of Schiller AG of Switzerland. Having a presence in over 100 countries, the company was set up in 1997. The current product range covers critical care, cardiology, radiology, telemedicine, cardiopulmonary, anesthesia, and robotic surgery. Schiller India has strategic tie-ups with Stephan GmbH of Germany, Tecme of Argentina, NeuroLogica of the USA, Medtech of France, INTERMEDICAL S.r.l. of Italy, and Mallinckrodt of the USA.
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