Ashu Goyal
Director Sales,

Cath Labs Market in India is Transforming as it Impacts A Large Population

The healthcare industry in India is showing great progress. The sedentary life style, which has engulfed the Indian subcontinent apart from the Asian countries, is primarily responsible for many coronary heart diseases where one out of four adults are not moving/having minimum physical activity, causing an escalation in such diseases. This is followed by an analysis of the drivers leading to growth in the market. This includes increasing cardiovascular diseases, improving technology, improving hospital infrastructure, evolving demographic structure, medical tourism, and increasing healthcare spending, and awareness.

Apart from the coronary cases, increased volume of other types of cardiac procedures has also been witnessed since many years now, such as electrophysiology procedures and cardiac devices placements being performed in the cath labs. There has also been an increase in non-cardiac cases like carotid, iliac, femoral renal, and extremity studies, which are covered under interventional radiology and neurology. The vascular interventionists are the second-most users of cath labs, performing procedures in more than 35 percent of the total cath lab centers.

Allengers, since the last 31 years, has come a long way in terms of various advancements in healthcare equipment in India. Despite all efforts to bring in the most innovative and advanced cost-effective technologies in healthcare, majority of rural India still suffers from insufficient primary and secondary care facilities, which have become the prime focus.

Recently, many upcoming cardiology centers have made Allengers their first choice on the basis of good IQ, after-sales-service, facility to upgrade existing machines with latest features in coming times, and in toto, its value for money. The scope of our cath labs have now significantly spread to Tier-I cities in addition to their earlier widespread presence in the Tier-II and Tier-III cities, which itself speaks about the confidence that the user has in brand Allengers. Talking about brand Allengers, it has specialized into a complete basket of cath labs like floor-mounted fixed cath lab/double-pivot cath lab, mobile cath lab, and now the latest being the ceiling-suspended cath lab.

Looking back over the past, cath lab centers are going to have all kinds of associated specialties coming in, and using these labs more and more to enable the healthcare marketplace to cater to a large population.

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