Dr Prakash Suvasia
Head- Marketing and Scientific
Horiba India Pvt Ltd.

CBC+CRP is the Right Approach

Both erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) and C-reactive protein (CRP) are used as inflammation markers, but in many ways CRP is a more useful test. CRP is made exclusively in the liver and can rise and fall within hours of an acute inflammatory stimulus. In contrast, ESR is more reflective of the concentration of fibrinogen and various non-inflammatory immunoglobulins that have half-lives of days to weeks, resulting in a significant lag time in the rise and fall of the ESR. This difference in specificity and rapidity of response makes CRP as more dependable marker test. The figure, acute phase reactants rise in tissue injury.

Results of ESR are highly dependent on the factors, such as, gender, age, drugs, and smoking, which may lead to wrong diagnosis. With changing lifestyles and time, now TAT for patient report is becoming a challenge. For the laboratories with critical samples and near-patient testing, immediate report and rapid diagnosis plays vital role. Horiba Medical has designed world’s exclusive concept for infection differentiation.

Microsemi CRP point-of-care analyzer helps users in rapid clinical decision making, saving time and reducing costs in emergency pediatric units, which could result in net annual cost savings due to reduced staff time, as well as faster decisions on antibiotic use. Results are available from the Microsemi CRP within 4 minutes for CBC+CRP and for CBC in 1 minute.

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