Dr D. Dasgupta
Director Anesthesia
Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre, Mumbai

COVID-19 and the global budget regarding anesthesia, resuscitation, and critical care

Mid-20th century experienced a sea of change with anesthesiology regarding medicines, instruments, anesthetic products which already showed up during the tail end of the 19th century. The specialty took its roots more firmly and there was no looking back since then. Overall it began to prove itself as a subject of merit.

In 1998 Prague World Conference, WFSA pulsed the need of a scientific regularizing task force to guide for the world of anesthetic, intensive care and resusscitative equipment. This stimulus created a task force that discussed and debated to create systemic equipment and at Washington DC in 1992, World Congress, WFSA produced the most authentic clarifications involving health centers for advanced tertiary care. This covered the grounding needs for all surgical specialties that needed anesthesia as well as critical care and resuitative equipment. The draft submitted to all member countries of the world that pronounced Level 1 requirements for every primary health center to Level 3, which was obviously the advanced care for super specialties. In 1993 national conference we made a decision and specifications as a national body. However, we could make minimal changes. We kept the subject as an ongoing process by keeping on adding from time to time.

We always have budget limitations, hence economy becomes the key point for purchase. Due to the political consensus we have to develop indigenous products as per our need in India itself. Bioengineers must gear up. Anesthetic and monitoring equipment must have a dignified quality control featuring durability, service facility, top grade maintenance with ease of application and within our economic guidelines. The world faces crisis endangering the human races. Flood, famine, earthquake, war, and the most formidable enemy diseases challenge the essence of human existence. Heart disease, cancer, diabetes, psychiatric pailments, and infections are constant threats.

Of late the global pandemic, COVID-19 stormed the world surpassing all previous records. It devastates around the human chemistry, biochemistry, immune system, and subsequently deranging the vital system. On recovery from the disease, there may have been permanent changes within one’s body.

Today’s medical budget must involve laboratory equipment, preventive medicines, and critical care gadgets. Starting with thermometer, pulse oxymeter, oxygen dispensers, ventilators, and ECMO in addition to the three levels of equipment. Side-by-side, a major budget allocation must be made for equipment related investigations, life support drugs with dispensers, vaccines and research equipment. In one word we must use our medical budget meticulously, along with raring up of paramedics nationwide. Over and above every effort, compassion and humanity must play supreme. Since 1947, the ministry of health is showing lack of imagination and purpose. In undivided India, we had sixteen medical colleges. Even after a 15-fold increase in number of medical institutions at present, dysfunctionality gallops at all levels. This is further compounded by rampant privatization of health industries, medical facilities and medical colleges.

Our nation needs rigid frame of health services and medical equipment facilities. Countrywide medical budget must include a large cumulative fund along with proportional development of primary health centers, district hospitals, and medical college hospitals. The nation must take care of service hospitals like army or railways along with other national establishments. Equal care to rare up modern or rural health care involving basic and ultra-modern health systems like resuscitation, diagnostic, and therapeutic care. Our objective should be to analyze the results statistically and compare them with international standards.

The present COVID-19 pandemic triggers me to emphasize on a disaster management schedule of the highest order. It’s pathetic to find the malfunctional efforts for management regarding bridging the gaps. A medical equipment budget is not only to procure few fancy instruments, but must involve a square strategic policy where the world would look up to us as role model. 

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