Amit Tickoo
General Manager,
Schiller Healthcare India Pvt. Ltd.

Defibrillators Market Trends 2017

On market trends

The market saw a 20 percent growth in 2017, with growth of biphasic and AED defibrillators being the highest. Sale of monophasic defibrillator has been going down year on year due to more awareness in the market about biphasic defibrillators. With a sharp increase in cardiac related diseases, it seems that in coming years the AED market will see a substantial growth.

On technology trends

For the last couple of years technology of defibrillators has been gradually changing from monophasic to biphasic, which is more effective. Also, a major change has been observed with the demand of higher parameters in the biphasic defibrillator, which include SPO2, NIBP, and ETCO2. This also makes it a multi-parameter defibrillator. We have been seeing an increase in demand of these parameters from the government sector lately.

On key growth drivers

The market is expected to grow at 20–22 percent in 2018 due to the high demand of biphasic defibrillators along with AED. However, there is a gap for this market, for which the customer has to be educated about the advantages of the biphasic defibrillator over the monophasic one and also AED.

On challenges and opportunities

Looking toward the trend of last 3 years, it seems that the defibrillator market in India will see a considerable amount of growth year on year. With most government tenders coming up with the requirement for advanced features and biphasic defibrillators being in huge demand, the market surely looks positive.

On buyer’s perspective

There is a definite need to create awareness of AEDs among the buyers. Rural areas still prefer to buy monophasic defibrillators as they are cheaper than the biphasic defibrillators.

On outlook

Comparing last 3 years trend, the market shows a positive growth for mainly biphasic defibrillators and AED (public access defibrillators).

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