Dr Rajeev Gautam
President (India),
Horiba Medical (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Expanding Horizons With Unique Solutions For Medical Laboratories

Horiba Medical really feels proud and blessed, looking back at the journey of last few years are significant years in the Indian hematology market. The company faced many pleasant times as well as unexpected challenges in this period. However, we are able to establish ourselves as one of the highly acceptable brands in the hematology technology segment. We have consistently established our path towards delivery of our never-ending ever-growing vision. Horiba India Medical has enhanced its position as a brand of choice known for its Japanese technology with quality and innovation.

Our future vision is to utilize our leading-edge technologies into products that can provide rapid and effective analysis in other segments of the medical diagnostic industry as well.

In the last few years we have successfully captured small and medium laboratories to a greater extent and made our presence felt in the industry throughout the country. Many of the medical laboratories have replaced their existing brands with Horiba Medical analyzers, which is a conspicuous sign of acceptance of Horiba products as quality driven and user-friendly by the medical laboratory market of India.

After now gaining appreciable acceptance in the hematology market, we are in a process of expanding our product basket. Recently, we have launched our unique and patented grating technology in clinical chemistry and coagulation technology in India and we are getting appreciable response from the market.

We have grown in terms of better talent in our service team, new channel partners, enhanced participation in various regional and state level conferences, sponsoring the laboratories and related medical industries. Our distribution channel and service franchisee concept has further added to our achievements of attaining customer delight.

We are promoting not just the products but are also focusing on building our scientific image among the customers, through arranging theme-based medical and scientific educational programs in terms of helping our customers to understand our technology better, conduct research studies on the results given by our products. This further makes Horiba to be perceived as a distinctive brand among our customers.

Horiba Medical has a strong R&D network with 13 state-of-the-art research laboratories across the globe. Horiba Medical has a base of 5000 installations in India, spread across various market segments, i.e. R&D centers, government and corporate hospitals, laboratories, and private pathologists.

Horiba Medical is looking forward to double its installation base including other product users by 2022. Currently, we are coming up with some of the unique concepts and parameters in the field of hematology, which is our strength in India at present, which will provide us with an exclusive and better niche space in the hematology market. We are coming up with the concept of automating existing products, that is 6-part with auto-loader with an affordability remaining intact for the small and medium budget laboratories. Our high-end concept of Horiba Evolutive Laboratory Organization known as HELO will be the revolutionary mark in the history of the hematology market. These are just some signs that we have been able to create a special place in the Indian market. Our vision is not just to sell the products but to create a special place in the industry which is based on scientifically proven value and adding value to the patient treatment in terms of better and affordable diagnosis.

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