Dr Sameer Gupta
Group Cardiac Cath Lab Director
Metro Group of Hospitals, Noida

Hospital modernization in post pandemic era

The COVID-19 pandemic has gripped the world and affected all business sectors, including the hospitals and healthcare. The start of the pandemic saw a major slump in patient volume that has since increased, but not yet reached pre-COVID volumes.

In the initial part of the pandemic, there was a supply deficit for PPEs, sanitizers, masks, fogging, and dis-infectant solutions but that was overcame by increased production by India’s vibrant industrial sector.

As the pandemic continues with vaccines at least a few months away, these sanitization standards are here to stay. We are looking to invest substantially in equipping our hospitals with in-house sanitization equipment to ensure safety for our staff, patients, and attendants.   

The current COVID-19 crisis has led to unprecedented modernization of the healthcare industry with the rise in requirements for teleconsulations, e-pharmacies, and home healthcare requirements.

It is important to remember, constant improvement through modernization is the key to stay relevant in the rapidly changing healthcare environment. Stagnation will lead to the failure and inability to face the upcoming healthcare challenges.

For instance, in the past one year, we have purchased cutting edge cardiac equipment including an Avant-grade OCT machine, a fractional flow reserve machine and upgraded a cath lab in one of our branches.

In spite of the pandemic and the challenges it has brought along, we plan to continue staying up to date.

Across our group hospitals in the next year we are looking to invest in a new cardiac cath lab, CT scan machine, echocardiogram, ICU monitors, and up-gradation of our GI suite at one of our branches.

As medical practitioners we encounter that disease and its health implications cannot be assessed in singularity, it has wider health implications that give rise to comorbidities and complexities that need multispecialty care.

Anticipating such future healthcare challenges, we intend to completely overhaul our infrastructure to ensure interoperability and cohesion between multiple specialties.

Tools that enable us to achieve this are welcome. We also plan to upgrade our hospital information system with a pre-requisite of in-build teleconsulation modules among other features to further improve systems and processes.

As an institution when deciding on equipment, we consider not just the quality but also after sales services.

It is important that if there is a problem in functioning of any machine, it is repaired in a timely manner so as not to disturb patient care.

As a group, we intend to span out our operation beyond the current specializations and are seeking to broaden the scope of our multispecialty units from 35 specialties at 11 hospitals across India. 

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