MC Ekambaram
Senior Regional Manager,
Mindray Medical India Pvt. Ltd.

Making Healthcare More Accessible

As a global multinational, Mindray is a leader in its home market of China, a champion in many parts of the world for bringing healthcare within reach of millions, and is a serious challenger in developed markets. Mindray’s products have evolved over many years, moving up the value chain, incorporating increasingly more sophisticated technology, and becoming more intelligent.

At Mindray, our mission advance medical technologies to make healthcare more accessible has had a global impact and the same has been distinctly witnessed with a huge success in the Indian market. With a clear strategy to focus on core business, be market centric, have a targeted resource allocation and sustained growth we have been able to attain a formidable position in the Indian ultrasound business.

As a part of this strategy, our global team initiated a way of doing things differently as compared to the traditional method. This involved identifying market segments, understanding user needs and their insights for specific market segment, and develop products matching these needs with long term product reliability.

But the most important attribute of our success is, to recognize continuous innovation, original engineering which truly offers real advantages in every aspect of the product and clinical images, be it simple monitor mount, workflow, new transducer technologies, or highest diagnostic imaging standards which was never achieved before.

These simple yet world class engineering innovations can be best seen in double V arm monitor support, gesture sensitive touch screen, 3T transducer technology, ComboWave crystal based linear transducers, and voice enabled/operated TE7 for trauma care.

A new level of diagnostic confidence changing the course of patient treatment can be seen with fast growing luminaries who continuously sought out ZST+ technology based Resona systems, best-in-class shear wave elastography, and vector flow among others.

The recently launched X-Insight series aims to strike a perfect balance between speed and precision, taking ultrasound imaging performance to a whole new level.

Introduction to artificial intelligence and deep learning is yet another innovative endeavor to bring in game changing automation, speed with highest accuracy to deal with exponential growth in ultrasound examination, especially in time consuming fetal anomaly study.

U.S. News recently published the 2017-2018 Hospital Rankings and Ratings. Mindray ultrasound is proud to have partnered with 19 of the 20 best US hospitals. This is a true reflection of customer confidence at top academic healthcare centers.

In pursuit of global excellence, we respect knowledge, people talent and encourage employees to contribute and focus on talent development. This has resulted in longer retention of talented and highly motivated employees who constantly put in their best efforts to be knowledge partners with a single focus to keep customer satisfaction at the highest possible level.

Continuous channel trainings and timely support has resulted in highest numbers of satisfied customers. Repeat purchases by our loyal customers and their referrals to their peers, is the biggest motivating factor to our team to constantly bench mark improvement levels.

On August 8, 2018, The Boston Global Consulting released 2018 Global Challengers 100 list. Mindray is the only medical device company among all 100 companies to have been selected continuously for last 4 years. With this background, we are very confident in our endeavor to become the customer’s most desired choice.

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