Pavan Kumar M
Chief Operating Officer,
Bhat Bio-Tech India (P) Ltd.

Market Penetration by Constant Flow of Quality Products

The vision shared by the CMD at Bhat Bio-Tech India (P) Ltd. is “Continued development of the company with a global reach capable of penetrating each market fueled by a constant flow of quality products, which will provide innovative and affordable solution to the customers.” And this year, we are looking forward to add more new products into the existing product line and also to launch new innovative products in the upcoming segment in diagnostics, and one of them is molecular diagnostics and the point-of-care (POC) sensor-based instruments. This will take the company forward in a bigger way and will also add a large number of customers to the existing customer base. This will further strengthen our objective of penetration into each market – tapped and untapped – and a solution can be delivered.

This year, we will be focusing on process improvement; investment on R&D to focus on development of POC sensor-based instruments and kits; product launch in series and focus on life science and molecular diagnostics; and aggressively expand the domestic and export by partnering with exclusive partners.

Process improvement with the latest automation available for lateral flow assay assembly is one of the key areas we will be looking at in improving the existing production capabilities in order to overcome the bottlenecks in daily operations and thus hoping to manage the orders efficiently and effectively to increase our daily throughput. This will enable us to accept more orders than at present.

We have launched around 100 products in the life science segment alone to cater to different sectors like research, teaching, and pharma. This wing will also focus more on the contract research services like molecular biology, microbiology, cell line and cell culture, and immunoassay development. We are expecting that this division will contribute around 30 percent to our overall turnover for the coming year.

We have adopted a transition strategy in our marketing. The transition strategy is to replace the regular traditional marketing into an aggressive one. Aggressive approach will be interlinked among various members in the value chain/supply chain (from the manufacturer to the end user) for better communication, coordination, implementation, and execution of the various activities related to order generation, follow up, supplies, and post-sales service to the customer. It will also help us expand our base and reach maximum target customers, thus leading to a better penetration in the market. Our model of operation with our channel partners for both domestic and exports will be semi or fully exclusive.

Over all, Bhat Bio-Tech, is aiming to grow faster at 35–40 percent in the coming fiscal year.

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