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My Vision: Veena Kohli

If you are working on something exciting; that you really care about, you do not have to be pushed, the vision pulls you. These words may sound familiar; one of Steve Jobs’ more memorable quotes, as he continued to inspire as a leader, serial innovator and perhaps most significantly, a visionary.

Our vision at Vanguard Diagnostics is to make India increasingly self-reliant in the in vitro diagnostics domain. We envisage ourselves as being the first-choice partner, of all non-manufacturing companies based in India and the sub-continent. Hematology continues to be our flagship segment, augmented by a formidable development team and high production capacity.

At Vanguard Diagnostics, we strive to enrich our portfolio continually with contemporary technology. We have developed, manufactured, and marketed reagents for over ten, 3-part hematology analyzers, in a short span of two years. Additionally, we became amongst the first, to manufacture reagents for leading models of 5- part hematology analyzers, in the country.

Our passion for branching into the adjacent space, led us to become the singular company in India, to provide high-caliber, equivalent solutions for flow cytometers.

Our journey has led us to a crucial juncture where we face a challenge, also shared by a majority of our industry i.e. self -reliance in instruments. We fully acknowledge that the following critical components will be required to bridge the aforementioned gap:

  •  Easy access to technology.
  •  Availability of major components locally.
  •  Support from the government to give preference to domestic products.

Whilst we wait for encouraging developments in this sphere, our objective remains to collate the optimal product basket for our customers.The said basket, would compriseinstruments based on cutting edge European technology, paired with customized, high quality hematology reagents; thereby delivering international quality at an affordable price.

To achieve this, Vanguard Diagnostics signed its third exclusive contract with Diagon- Hungary, in September this year. The agreement entails the marketing of a unique 3 part Hematology analyzer, based on Diagon’s expertise of thirty years in the field.

We are pleased to announce the launch of D Cell 360, our very- first foray into instrumentation. In doing so, we believe, our offering is truly unique – an instrument that rises above the crowd of Chinese analyzers, teamedwithour high quality, domestically manufactured reagents, that would save our customers from substantial import duties, exorbitant freight costs, long lead times and complex regulatory procedures.

Crucially, the outstanding feature of our offering, would be to provide economical protection of our Diluent and Lyse reagents with a bar code on a USB stick, integrated with the D Cell 360 -a pioneering combination for the Indian market.

Finally, we are proud to offer our valued customers, a basket that entails:

  •  Reliable quality of D Cell 360.
  •  Cost effective and high quality reagents manufactured locally, with a lead timeof just one week.
  •  Bar-coded closed reagents that ensure stability of business.
  • A one-stop shop that offers instrument, reagents, controls and calibrators.

One can count on the formidable duo of the European D Cell 360 and Vanguard Diagnostics- manufactured reagents.

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