Dr Rajas V. Warke
Director - Molecular Biology and Virology,
HiMedia Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.

One-Stop Molecular Diagnostic Solution For Acute Febrile Illness Panel

Acute febrile illness (AFI) is caused by diverse pathogens wherein there is rapid onset of fever and symptoms such as headache, chills, or muscle and joint pains. Major known causative pathogens include dengue and chikungunya virus, Plasmodium parasite, Salmonella, Leptospira, and Scrub typhus (Orientia tsutsugamushi) bacteria. Current available tests have low sensitivity and specificity leading to increased morbidity and mortality. Hence, it is imperative to have the correct quintessential diagnosis by using a pathogen-specific and sensitive test method.

An ideal diagnostic test must meet certain key criteria: specificity, sensitivity, simplicity, affordability, and rapid results. As rightly quoted by the American physicist Martin H. Fischer Knowledge is a process of piling up facts; wisdom lies in their simplification. Keeping the above requirement of the clinician in mind, HiMedia Laboratories Pvt. Ltd., has developed a novel One-Stop Molecular Diagnostic Solution for AFI and malaria speciation among other panels. The company has recently launched a patented Insta NX automated DNA and RNA extractor coupled with real-time PCR for diagnosis of the AFI causative agent using the state-of-art five channel detection system Insta Q96.

The AFI panel includes a triplex probe based real-time assay for dengue, chikungunya, and malaria with internal control. The triplex qPCR malaria panel lets a clinician speciate a Plasmodium positive sample for P. vivax and/or P. falciparum. This kit will also indicate if the sample is positive for other malarial species when P. vivax and/or P. falciparum gives a negative signal and a positive for Plasmodium generic.

The exactitude of automated molecular diagnostics with high sensitivity, lesser turnaround time, and easy workflow protocol are the key advantages that will improve clinical diagnostics solution from clinicians to the patients. The scientists at HiMedia Laboratories are continuously following an innovation-based strategy for product development of One-Stop Molecular Diagnostic Solution for AFI causing diseases and other diagnostic panels affecting tropical countries. Being in the clinical diagnostic industry for over 43 years, developing innovative and affordable diagnosis has been our prime objective pioneering from microbiology to One-Stop Molecular Diagnostic Solution.

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