Mohit Bajaj
Director, SISCO Group of Companies and Founder,

Processing Procurement, Payment, And Delivery Simple

A constant issue plaguing every medical company in India right now is how to overcome their saturated sales. Though their brand awareness remains fairly constant with hospital and institutions continuing to buy their products, after a certain time their revenues do not grow as they had done in the previous years. This lag in sales is a combination of effects but one mainly arising from the saturation of markets within large private institutions across the country. While their marketing resources are primarily focused on the tier I cities due to the volume of business generated, they do tend to ignore the smaller cities of India. But lately that is where all the action is.

Unfortunately, there is little or absolutely no focus on rapidly growing small clinics and private practices all across the country. While their volume is not substantial they are constituting a large share of the medical devices purchase in India. For example, rural India accounts for over 70 percent of the population and is set to emerge as a massive demand source; currently only 3 percent of specialist physicians cater to rural demand.

According to a recent statistic about 1.8 million beds are required by the end of 2025 and this is why the emerging market of the future is the tier II cities and the rural market.

While there are many online portals out there most of them focus on pharmaceuticals and common medical devices. I wanted to offer something different which allows us to sell all medical devices under one umbrella. The first process was getting the drug licenses and other various approvals in place to sell any product. That is how we came up with the idea of Hospibuy.

Hospibuy is a solution for you to deliver your products directly to the customers without any marketing costs. With the internet now broadly available almost everywhere it is a great medium for companies to consider showcasing their products for free and reaching out to a new audience.

For the customer as well, the benefits are great. They can now directly buy from reputed manufactures and importers without worrying about counterfeit products and no minimum quantity. One of the greatest strengths of this online platform is the skipping of multiple dealers who hike up the price to the customer.

As a medium between manufacturers and private clinics and nursing homes, Hospibuy ensures that the process of procurement, payment, and delivery is very simple. We now have over 35 major manufacturers on board with our target being a hundred companies by the end of the year. We are aggressively marketing our product in all major conferences in India with direct access to doctors and decision makers. With attractive discounts and free delivery across India, Hopsibuy is a great alternative to your traditional selling and monotonous purchase.

I would suggest having a look at our website and register immediately if you want to be a seller. The fairly simple process only requires your company products and details to set the ball rolling. It really is that simple. No hidden fees and no marketing costs are involved.

If you are a private clinic or a standalone practice, I would urge you to visit our website and order your daily requirements at your convenience and selection. In the days where everything is available at the click of a button why bother yourself with searching for quality products and paying inflated prices when we bring it right at your doorstep. Right now, our primary market is private clinics, nursing homes, standalone practices, medical students, and patient care at home. This gives us a massive portal with over five thousand products and counting.

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