Dr Param Hans Mishra
CEO and Director,
BIMR Hospitals

Roadmap For Biomedical Engineering Department At BIMR Hospitals

BIMR Hospitals is a 300-bedded multi-super specialty, largest private charitable hospitals of Gwalior Chambal region. We have a state-of-the-art cath lab, 3.0 Tesla MRI. We have a very competent team of cardiologists on duty 24 hours for primary and radial angioplasty which gives immediate recovery to heart patients. Radial angioplasty enables a patient to become mobile immediately after angioplasty and helps in fast recovery. Our neurosurgeons and ortho surgeons are available 24 hours to take care of trauma patients.

We have very talented cancer and GI surgeons who are doing pancreatic, liver, and lung surgeries making BIMR Hospitals unique as these surgeries are not done anywhere else in Gwalior. In Delhi, these surgeries cost five times more than at BIMR Hospitals. We have a very highly talented and experienced team of professionals, doctors, nurses, engineers, technicians, and administrators. Our team comprises of 750 plus employees. We have received NABH entry-level accreditation and are striving for full NABH accreditation in pursuance of quality patient care.

We have tied up with the radiology department at Max for teleradiology services and reporting of MRI scans. We are continuously trying to improve our infrastructure and technical backup in terms of equipment and latest machines. We have installed 3 Tesla MRI (Siemens) and 4D ultrasound which can do fetal scan and diagnose minor defects in early pregnancy. However, at times there is a long queue and waiting time causing disruption of services. This issue can be solved by proper reassessment of the time taken in shifting of inpatients from the wards to the department so that the patient need not wait for too long to access services provided by the system. Inpatients can be preferably given access to the services after the OPD hour which requires proper planning by the clinical team as well as the management.

BIMR Hospitals has long term plans of starting renal and liver transplant program. We will be needing a cell saver, ECHMO, many ventilators, IABP machines, and tissue perfusion machines. We want to develop GI surgery department and will need lots of equipment including laparoscopic instruments and microscopes. We are going for NABH full accreditation which requires modular OTs and separate AHUs and HEPA filters. We have two modular OTs and are planning to convert two more OTs into modular OTs.

Dialogue can be conducted to create awareness among the population, which will let them know the availability of the services at the hospital. Proper training and allocation of staff is required to utilize the equipment to its full potential. The main objective of the inventory would include clinical judgments and suggestions for the management regarding the equipment.

We have plans to buy 32 slice CT scan, 300mA X-ray machine, DR system, PET scan, ventilator, monitors, and many laboratory systems which will help in better patient care. We have a plan to start a 15 bedded dialysis center and are looking for the best dialysis machine, monitors, and other equipment. We are also open to tying up for a dialysis center and IVF.

PET CT is a very important technology to detect cancer and its spread in the body. BIMR Hospitals is the only hospital to have a LINAC for treatment of cancer patients PET CT scan will add a lot of value in the treatment of cancer patients. There is no PET CT machine in this part of the country. There are lots of technical and commercial challenges in installing a PET CT. We are looking for a tie-up from a reputed organization to collaborate for installing and running PET CT Scan. Last but not the least, we also plan to start cobalt therapy for cancer patients.

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