TP Bastin
General Manager,
Fisher and Paykel Healthcare India Pvt. Ltd.

Still Going Strong

Respiratory disorders like interstitial lung disease, COPD, pneumonia, and tuberculosis are major health concerns among Indian population. With rising air pollution and changes in lifestyle, these are no longer restricted to the elderly but are now being detected even in younger age groups. India tops the world in lung disease deaths. Acute respiratory infections (ARIs) account for 30–60 percent of pediatric outpatient attendance and 20–30 percent of hospital admissions. According to India’s National Health Profile 2015, there were almost 3.5 million reported cases of acute respiratory infection, which is the leading cause of morbidity and mortality.

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare India Pvt. Ltd., still going strong after 16 years, provides a case in connection with this point. The basic formula for this company’s success can be stated rather succinctly – provide high quality and innovative products and back them up with exemplary service. Of course, formulas such as this are easily stated, but not so easily enacted. TP Bastin, general manager of this New Zealand-based multinational company has managed in creating a niche that makes this strategy a reality. There is a well-known saying, “The golden rule of every businessman is to put yourself in the customer’s place,” and Fisher & Paykel is one that abides by this principle.

Headquartered in New Zealand and having its manufacturing setups in Auckland and Mexico, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare has over 50 years’ presence in international healthcare industry. An innovator of respiratory heated humidification, the company invests more in research and development to provide innovative products and solutions like servo-controlled humidification for ventilation, bubble CPAP for newborns, T-Piece resuscitators, dual-heated ventilator circuits, and the latest innovation being the nasal high-flow or the Optiflow device for respiratory and acute care to improve patient outcomes in hospitals. The company also has a strong hold in CPAP therapy devices, namely, auto, manual CPAPs, and interfaces for treatment of sleep apnea. Today, the company employs over 3500 people who are based in 36 countries and serve over 120 countries around the world. It is estimated that 10 million patients are treated using the company’s products each year. The key feature for success and consistent growth has been strengthening channel network and company’s direct representation.

Nasal high-flow system, being an exciting new form of respiratory therapy, is the future direction in respiratory support. It is becoming the standard of care in hospitals worldwide. Several new clinical studies, which were published this year, continue to demonstrate the effectiveness of the company’s Optiflow – nasal high-flow therapy – in reducing reintubation rates in ICUs and minimizing mortality rates. This has encouraged uptake from clinicians as the advantages of this therapy in terms of patient outcomes and economic benefits become increasingly evident.

The company has envisioned a good growth in 2017, strengthening its presence in the Indian subcontinent in countries like Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, offering the care of continuum, from emergency departments, operating theaters, intensive care units and wards, and also providing more treatment options in the home.

Small or big – a company’s success greatly depends on the leader of that company. For Fisher & Paykel Healthcare India Pvt. Ltd., Bastin’s leadership skills and expertise, coupled with extensive industry knowledge and 22 long years of experience in the healthcare industry, ensure to keep the “Vision of the company” an ongoing success.

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