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The healthcare industry in India is growing at a higher pace compared to other developing countries.

It is estimated that the Indian IVD segment grows at a CAGR of 15–18 percent year on year.

Agappe is one of the pioneers in the IVD segment with one of the largest reagent manufacturing facility in India. We always believe in providing best quality innovative products at an affordable pricing to our customer and have been successful in our journey over these years. In view of our motto, we have set-up in-house R&D facility for reagents and equipment which has become the backbone of Agappe’s product portfolio now.

To strengthen the portfolio and our R&D activities, we have joined hands with Hitachi Chemical Co. Ltd., Japan for manufacturing their most advanced fully automatic specific protein and clinical chemistry analyzer in India through technology licensing. The instrument provides ease of operation, fast, and highly accurate results at a reduced cost estimated at roughly one-third of the cost per test compared to the conventional systems. The instrument enables early detection of kidney malfunctioning, cardiac problems, and osteoporosis. It can also support detection of prostate cancer through PSA testing and TB detection through ADA testing.

Agappe observed, as the advancement in the testing has increased, the impact of committing errors in the sampling processes of lab testing is also increased. It is estimated that 70 percent errors in laboratory results are caused by the improper sampling and listing. To resolve on these errors, our R&D team has worked out a simple and efficient automated system in pre-analytics viz. Mispa Label, the tube labelling solution, which serves the need of labs and the pre-analytical errors can be brought to zero through linking our Mispa label to the LIS or HIS systems.

Identification of vein in pediatric cases is one of the major concern in the pediatric centers. To address this, we have joined hands with Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Science and Technology, Kerala through a technology licensing to manufacture and market their vein detection system. This system will support during drawing blood samples by assisting the technicians to clearly locate the veins.

It is a small handheld portable system and will support the treatment at the clinician’s office during injection processes. As compared to the currently available systems in the market, we are coming up with industry leading technologies to address the current Indian market especially in the rural area.

As per the recent statistics, dengue cases in India are on a rise year after year. As a step forward, our R&D team focused on the development of the rapid diagnostic kits for detection of dengue and were successful in launching this product to the market. Our team is also involved in the development of urinary tract infection (UTI Kits). For the development of UTI kits, we have established another association with Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Science and Technology, Kerala through technology transfer agreement for developing and marketing these rapid diagnostic kits. This kit is intended to detect the antibiotic sensitivity in case of a Urinary tract infection within 4 to 6 hours as compared to current conventional method which requires 36 to 48 hours’ time. Moreover, the kit is compact, affordable, and the technique is very simple, and requires no costly equipment. This new method will be a blessing to the Indian scenario and will provide early and better diagnosis.

Our vision is to provide affordable and compact solution in entry level automation systems and in pre-analytics to the laboratories in the rural area in India and become the pioneer in the segment in three years.

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