Dr Supriya Dutta
Pathology & Blood Bank, Jupiter Hospital, Thane

To Create Excellence in Thane and Suburbs

Ours is an NABL-accredited medium-sized laboratory catering to around 200 patients every day. Our new hospital has come up in Pune with equivalent capacity this year.

From lab medicine point of view, this has led to the expansion of the scope of lab test menu. Importance is given to the molecular diagnostic facility, which is unavailable till now in-house. Hence a large area with three separate rooms for sample preparation, amplification, and detection facility is provided in the hospital. We are planning to have RT – PCR technology for viral loads, genotyping, and qualitative detection. The platform will also be used for detection of various bacteria like NG/CT, hence looking for a system, which has walkaway automation, precision, multiple validation checks, flexible throughput options, secured sample processing, mastermix pipetting and PCR plate preparation, simplified result interpretation, and is compatible with LIS.

Molecular diagnosis based on multiplex PCR and microarray chip technology is to be utilized for septicemia profile which will include virus, bacteria and fungus simultaneously in the fastest possible time. This is to give ICU patients of septicemia and meningitis the early benefit of treatment.

Once the workload of Pune picks up, the molecular platform will be expanded to oncology including hematological malignancies and solid tumors.

Autoimmune diseases are also on the rise, so full spectrum Immunofluorescence detection of various antibodies will be carried out. Immunoblots and ELISA for the confirmation of the same are given equal stress. Line-blot microarray-based immunoassay is a multiplexed immunoassay which allows the parallel analysis of different types of autoantibodies

Automated ELISA with 6–8 plates, which can carry out multiple tests at a time, will fulfill the requirement of autoimmunity markers as well as other viral serological markers. The ELISA reader should be a multimode reader with integrated software, built-in incubator and plate shaker

Apart from this, our hospital is developing a center of excellence for histopathology which will serve the population of thane and beyond. The center will have all immunohistochemistry panels and the required PCR and FISH instruments and will be located in our premises.

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