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Shanghai Pharmaceuticals and Luca announce collaboration

SPH Health Commerce, the Direct-to-Patient (“DTP”) retail pharmacy subsidiary of Shanghai Pharmaceuticals and Luca Healthcare, China’s category leader in clinically validated, software-based screening, treatment and management tools, today announced a strategic partnership to provide Luca’s patient management platform of products with online medication refills and delivery capabilities through SPH’s internet hospital, 24×7 pharmacist call center and a network of approximately 100 DTP retail pharmacies covering all major first- and second-tier cities.

“We are delighted to enter into this strategic alliance with Luca Healthcare to provide online physician support and direct access to medication for patients with chronic and rare diseases. Luca’s home-based monitoring tools allow physicians to make assessments based on more objective insights and measures,” said Mr. Gong Xiao Dong, Vice President of SPH Health Commerce. “The Luca team has developed and aggregated a broad portfolio of software and hardware tools that help patient groups manage their medication adherence, adverse effects, and key vital signs. The integration of our internet hospital to drug home delivery ecosystem will bring great convenience and significant value to patients.”

“China’s 20 million rare disease patients have limited options to manage their diseases. Our patient-centric mini-programs and apps supported by disease-specific patient groups consistently reach over 80% patient stickiness and significantly improved the patients’ quality of life,” said Echo Chen, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer of Luca Healthcare. “Luca Healthcare’s clinically validated software can meaningfully improve care across a wide range of diseases and conditions in the non-clinical setting. We are constantly evaluating new functionality and products to add to the patient experience on our products. Adding Shanghai Pharma’s internet hospital platform and a national home drug delivery network will greatly enhance this experience.” PR Newswire

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