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SharpScope 100 from Allied Medical Limited

In the realm of medical equipment, precision and clarity can often mean the difference between life and death. The Allied Medical SharpScope 100, a cutting-edge video laryngoscope, is rapidly changing the landscape of airway management. With a unique set of features that cater to the demands of medical professionals, this device is proving to be a game-changer. One of the standout features of SharpScope 100 is its high-definition 2 MP camera. This camera provides unprecedented clarity during intubation procedures, allowing medical practitioners to navigate the airway with confidence. The clarity is further enhanced by the anti-fogging white light, which ensures a clear view, even in challenging conditions. This is a significant step forward in ensuring the safety of patients during intubation. Another remarkable feature is the device’s impressive battery backup of 4 hours. In critical medical situations, where time is of the essence, having a reliable power source is essential. The extended battery life of SharpScope 100 ensures that it will last through multiple procedures without interruption, reducing stress on healthcare providers. The 16 GB of internal memory is a unique selling proposition in itself. The device not only allows the capture of photos and videos during procedures but it also stores them securely within its internal memory. This feature is invaluable for medical professionals, as it provides a seamless and efficient way to document procedures and track patient progress. What sets SharpScope 100 apart from its competitors is its simplicity and versatility when it comes to data transfer. Using a straightforward USB Type-C cable, users can effortlessly export photos and videos to any laptop or PC. This convenient feature streamlines the process of recording and sharing valuable medical information, facilitating collaboration and learning. One of the key highlights of SharpScope 100 is its capacity to connect to a larger 10-inch display. This feature is not only useful for teaching purposes but also for making critical decisions during challenging intubations. The ability to project the procedure onto a larger screen ensures that an entire medical team can be involved in the process, making real-time decisions to enhance patient care. Ergonomics plays a significant role in the design of SharpScope 100. Its balanced and stable design reduces fatigue during long procedures, improving the overall experience for medical practitioners. The flexible blades add another layer of ease to the intubation process, ensuring that it is not only precise but also comfortable.In conclusion, the Allied Medical SharpScope 100 has brought a new level of sophistication to airway management. With its high-definition camera, anti-fogging white light, extended battery life, ample internal memory, and easy data transfer, it simplifies and enhances the intubation process. The device’s capacity to connect to a larger display facilitates teaching and team decision making, while its ergonomic design ensures stability and comfort. The flexible blades make intubation more accessible, ultimately improving patient care. SharpScope 100 is undoubtedly a remarkable tool in the hands of medical professionals, revolutionizing airway management and setting a new standard in the field.


Aditya Kohli
VP – CFO & Director,
Allied Medical Limited

The Allied Medical SharpScope 100 is a true beacon of innovation in airway management. With its high-definition camera, anti-fogging white light, extended battery life, and seamless data transfer, it redefines precision and clarity during intubation procedures. This device’s ability to connect to a larger display adds a new dimension to teaching and team decision-making. Coupled with the ergonomic handle and different-size blades, the doctor can cater to all the patients. The SharpScope 100 is more than just a laryngoscope; it’s a revolution in patient care, setting a new standard for the medical community.

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