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Sir H.N. Reliance Foundation Hospital installs open MRI machine

Sir H.N. Reliance Foundation Hospital has installed an open MRI machine. Compared to traditional MRI machines, open MRI is a ground-breaking medical imaging technology that provides patients with a more comfortable and comprehensive experience. Patients who are anxious or uncomfortable in enclosed environments can benefit from its open design, as they will no longer feel constrained or claustrophobic during the procedure. Furthermore, open MRI delivers incredibly clear and detailed images of the body’s internal structures, allowing healthcare practitioners to accurately diagnose and monitor a wide range of medical conditions. Open MRI technology is a ground-breaking development and paradigm change in medical imaging, providing a more patient-friendly alternative to typical closed MRI scanners.

The open MRI Machine system at Sir HN Reliance hospital introduces a latest feature known as Velocity. It caters to the diverse needs of physicians, technologists, and patients by delivering high image quality, speed, simplicity, and a patient-centric experience. Its unique features, including integrated lighting, a wide table, and Soft Sound™ gradient technology and motion-compensated RADAR ensures excellent diagnostic sequences even with challenging patients. Velocity’s capabilities are particularly advantageous for senior patients, addressing physical limitations with features like a lowering table and in-bore lateral movement for pain-free positioning experience.

Open MRI system redefines image quality with high field resolution and superior diagnostic performance. Using Standard IP-RAPID technology for parallel imaging, sparse sampling, and iterative processing enhances resolution while reducing exam time. Innovative features like blanket coils and integrated coil technology expedite imaging processes, ensures precise patient positioning. The streamlined interface and automatic coil selection empower technologists for efficient patient throughput, subtly enhancing the overall imaging experience.
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