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SPARSH Hospital introduces high precision surgical imaging and navigation system

SPARSH Hospital in association with Sita Bhateja Trust has introduced the ‘O-arm’ surgical imaging system’ and ‘StealthStation S8’ Surgical navigation. Available exclusively at SPARSH and for the first time in Karnataka, this cutting-edge technology in Brain and Spine surgery offers surgeons enhanced visualisation and greater accuracy during surgery.

The O-arm System provides high quality 2D and 3D images which are automatically synced to the StealthStation S8 Navigation system. Using these high definition intraoperative scans, the StealthStation S8 navigation system allows surgeons to visualise the patient’s anatomy in 3D and localise instruments and implants throughout the procedure. Surgeons can precisely locate where they are in the patient’s anatomy during surgery using the O-Arm and StealthStation S8 Navigation system, providing them with utmost accuracy. Akin to a GPS navigation system on the road.

SPARSH is one among only 850 hospitals worldwide that offer O-arm Surgical Imaging. The StealthStation S8 and O-arm Surgical Navigation solution makes a complex surgery seem more routine and free of any errors.

How does it benefit patients and surgeons?
The O-arm imaging and StealthStation S8 Navigation system provides intra-operative imaging and assists surgeons with placement of surgical instruments and implants throughout the procedure. By providing clear and real-time images, it aids surgeons to accurately navigate through the delicate anatomy, avoid critical structures in the spine, perform minimally invasive procedures and preserve healthy anatomy during surgery. It enables better informed decisions during surgery, resulting in greater success rates in spinal surgeries. By performing scans at the end of the surgical procedure it also reduces the need for revision surgery by accurately confirming the position of implants.

For patients, it means smaller incisions, a faster recovery time, and enhanced surgical outcomes along with improved overall satisfaction.

Dr Arvind Bhateja, Lead Neuro & Spine Surgeon, SPARSH Hospital, said, “The O-arm and StealthStation S8 Navigation system offers surgical accuracy at a whole new level. In the conventional approach to spinal surgery, surgeons typically rely on CTs, X-Rays and MRIs taken prior to the surgery. Imaging plays a crucial role in assisting the surgical team during the surgery. With the O-arm technique, surgeons can monitor the development as it occurs. The real-time multi-dimensional images greatly improves accuracy and allows us to make on-table decisions. The high level of precision provided by the system allows for minimally invasive surgery, greater accuracy, quicker operative time and faster recovery and rehabilitation.”

Commenting on the new imaging system, Dr Sharan Shivaraj Patil, Chairman, SPARSH Hospital, said, “At SPARSH, we have always been early adopters of groundbreaking technology that can offer enhanced patient care. Dr Arvind Bhateja and his team are highly qualified, accomplished and experienced clinicians who have the technical expertise to use this revolutionary technology. We are confident that this new investment will allow us to expand the level of complex surgeries at SPARSH while also improving outcomes and quality of care for our patients.” India Education Diary

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