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Stago forward-thinking software and instrumentation transform lab chain

As a worldwide leader in the field of haemostasis, Stago is setting the standard of excellence in the field, with cutting-edge technologies, products and customer service providing a complete laboratory haemostasis package for the investigation of blood coagulation disorders. Stago’s vision is to improve patient outcomes through innovation, workflow efficiency and confidence in results reporting. Stago offers a complete system of haemostasis instrumentation and optimised reagent kits for research as well as for routine and specialty analysis suited for any type of laboratories and activity.

Superiority of Stago viscosity-based detection system
In addition, Stago’s viscosity-based detection system (VBDS) enables immediate delivery of accurate and precise results. Advantages include insensitivity to any type of coloured plasma, maximum precision for weak clot detection and standardisation between Stago systems. VBDS is considered as the ‘gold standard’ since it will produce the correct analytical result with samples that are affected by pre-analytical variables such as haemolysis, icterus and lipaemia and/or low fibrinogen levels in almost all conditions, thus offering huge advantages over optical methods of clot detection and delivering the right result first time when it matters, especially for life threatening situation.

The Max Generation: a family of systems to meet lab chains needs
Stago has designed its Max Generation haemostasis analysers to be operationally efficient, running 24/7 delivering a guaranteed STAT turnaround time of less than 10 minutes. Pre-calibration is a feature of Stago haemostasis analysers, saving both time and cost and ensuring the analysers are always ready to use. With liquid ready reagents, the highest load capacity for reagents, consumable and samples, the Max Generation minimises hands-on time and offers the highest walk away capability on the market. The Max Generation family is composed of 4 analysers and guarantees fast and comparable results between systems: STart Max for very low volume activity; STA Satellite Max for low volume activity; STA Compact Mac: for mid-size labs; STA R Max for high volume labs.

Stago users see a significant improvement in turnaround times (TATs), enabling Lab Chains to meet performance targets. The Max Generation provides full traceability for more than 5 years (including samples, reagents, consumables and operators), method validation and verification tools, as well as all aspects of quality control management.

Coag.One: The Haemostasis Command Center
Coag.One is Stago’s middleware solution designed to enable true cross-site working and collaboration within the Lab Chain network by providing the means for labs within a group to share data, expertise, best practices and processes in real-time. Coag.One has embedded auto validation tools, rules and algorithms, developed by KOLs such as Dr Devreese, an expert in Lupus, to speed up TATs and bring Stago expertise at the heart of laboratories. The software monitors the overall performance, enabling the network to manage targets for delivering patient results. It has the capability to connect all labs of a network allowing patient and QC management from everywhere at any time. This software and analyser has already been the first choice of recognised laboratories to support their need for future growth, accreditation and expertise like DASA Group, a private lab chain in Brazil that sets performance standards on the global scale. DASA offers 3,000 types of diagnostic tests and covers 1,900 cities supporting 5,000 customers throughout Brazil.

Stago unique accreditation solution helps with CAP/NABL requirements
We know that one of the biggest burdens of Lab Chain laboratories is meeting NABL/CAP requirements as it takes a lot of time and effort. Stago’s accreditation service helps at each step of this process, from initial system verification and implementation of Quality System to continuous performance monitoring. We have made the method verification and performance monitoring even easier with our unique accreditation toolkit and 360° quality solution. Far more than just innovative software, Stago’s accreditation toolkit simplifies the complex. Coag.One Accreditation toolkit is a set of tools where it pulls information from the analyser and produces NABL/CAP ready reports.

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