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State, ICMR Bangalore To Ink Pact For Cancer Registry

JAIPUR: Soon, each and every case of cancer will be registered in the state as the health department is planning to sign an MoU with Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), Bangalore, which will provide a software to the health department to register each case of cancer along with other details such as part of body, stage of cancer at the time of diagnoses.
Cancer has emerged as one of the non-communicable diseases, which has attracted attention of the health authorities. The state-of-the-art government’s cancer hospital is all set to get inaugurated.

At a time when studies suggest that 70% of cancer cases are diagnosed at an advanced stage, the state government does not have the actual figures of cancer cases and actual burden of disease in the state.

In the state, there are only six hospitals including government and private, which have their own hospital-based registry of cancer. However, the health department is planning to prepare a population-based registry to find out the actual burden of different kinds of cancers in the state, said a health department official.

The health department has no details of the actual number of patients suffering from different kinds of cancers such as cervical, gall bladder, oral, head and neck, lung, stomach, colorectal, and oesophagus whereas in females, breast cancer, cervix cancer and ovarian cancer in the state. With the new cancer registry, the health department will be able to find out the actual number of patients of each kind of cancer in the state.

The official said that cancer has been declared a notifiable disease but as they want a paperless registry (online registry), they are taking the help of ICMR, Bangalore.

All those patients, tested positive for cancer through histopathological examination will get registered. The health department is planning to get the details of all the cancer patients online from hospitals who are diagnosed with cancer through histopathological examination to find the actual burden of the disease, which would help in preparing policies for benefitting cancer patients in future.

Talking about the prevalence of cancer in the country, Dr Divesh Goyal, senior consultant, medical oncology, of a private hospital, said, “Eighty per cent people in the country consult with a doctor when recovery is difficult, also 71% death caused at the age of 32-69 years. Due to late detection of cancer 70% of the people die in the first year, whereas 15% die because of lifestyle factors, obesity and tobacco use, and other 15% cancers in minors.-Times Of India

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