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Storms get tired too, so hold on

Mother Nature has been very patient with us in all these millions of years. That’s what has nurtured this beautiful planet that we inhabit. Mankind with his wisdom, inquisitiveness, knowledge, skills has consistently evolved into being the dominant species on the planet. The spirit to explore, experiment and innovate has given us the beauty and power of science to consolidate this dominance.

In our zeal to conquer, we have constantly surmounted fields, oceans, mountains and explored deep into the crevices and corners of the globe. We have harnessed the power of wind, water, minerals and other resources to travel, fly, modify climatic conditions et al. We have channelized this knowledge to utilize the chemicals, extracts and technology to our aid, even for prolongation of life, controlling ailments and general wellbeing of human race.

Tinkering with nature, BioFlora, radiation etc distinctly gives us an edge in controlling the previously uncontrollable. The knowledge has gone ahead leaps and bounds over last 3–4 decades. So much so that the exponential growth has helped us in creating complete living beings out of a single cell wide cloning etc. Genetic engineering and its application in diagnostics have helped us to identify and even modify rare disease conditions. Obviously, experimentation and research are the key steps in achieving this all.

The massive surge in human population, excessive exploitation of natural resources, efforts to obstruct the pathways in nature, deforestation et al, compound the complexities which are ensuing along.

While a couple of years back we were running massive campaigns and bringing in legislation to curb the use of plastic, citing pollution, environmental damage etc. Now we can’t even think of living (read surviving) without plastic.

We were encouraging against rampant hours being spend with the gadgets and so-called effects of electromagnetic radiation etc. Now, the whole education system, businesses, day to day deliberation including office communications are so very dependent exactly on these only. A day can’t be completed with technology, internet, mobile communications not being there.

Corona is going to teach us a lot many things. Its going to force us to modify the ways of living, that we have so conveniently adapted to. Mother Nature can no further be patient with us. She is going to make us amend our ways of living. The dominant species has to take efforts, unitedly, in the race for survival.

Obviously, the mankind will surmount this. We surely will. With our characteristic adaptability and brain power, human race will keep marching ahead. But we did need this time out, to reflect back, to touch back to the basics of survival, the minimalistic approach, the human bonds.

It seems strange, to reflect back in the past 15 months and realize how very little we actually need, what values the most and what can actually make us happy.

I am reminded of a conversation between a man and his horse, whilst facing a storm, which goes as follows:
This storm is making us tired, says the man; and Storms get tired too, said the horse, so hold on.

There are some things you can learn only in a storm.

Time is to hang on, follow what is required to be done for the common good of all. Whether it is following, practicing, educating the CAB (Covid appropriate behavior) or getting vaccinated or gearing up to face the next wave of onslaught. The spirit is indominable and should not sag.