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The pandemic has reiterated the vital role that pathology plays in the science of healing. Even as the healthcare industry grappled with the immediate impact of the outbreak of the pandemic, it has redefined the importance of the healthcare workers and brought them into the spotlight. At Neuberg, the top five focus points for the organization will be as follows:

Employees in healthcare-People of the year
We have prioritized providing best in class services through good laboratory practices and world-class technology with trained, competent, and well-educated human resources. None of this possible without a passionate and motivated workforce. The next year is therefore dedicated to the people of Neuberg. Continuous learning and development programs, reward and recognition programs, etc. will be at the core of Neuberg’s mission this year.

Expanding reach and increasing market share
For the healthcare industry, the priority has been putting aside individual goals for the bigger, common cause of becoming a diagnostics player who focuses on increasing accessibility for the common man.

We plan to expand and set up labs in new cities and countries, including Indian and abroad like Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Ghana, Kuwait, and a new facility Abu Dhabi by the next financial year to extend our reach. New geographies will continue to be unified by technologies.

We are currently the 4th largest diagnostic company in terms of revenue. We plan to move up the ladder by improving our reputation and strengthening our services nationally and internationally, I am sure revenue will follow.

Pioneer modern innovations and technological advancements
The new generation of path labs is changing the future of pathology by focusing on advanced techniques like genomics, metabolomics, proteomics, and digital pathology. They challenge conventional diagnostic limits through ground-breaking techniques and procedures that allow pathologists to diagnose diseases with greater speed and precision. We plan to expand and invest in our centers of excellence to pioneer these new diagnostic techniques.

Investing in information technology and AI
To cater to the patient’s new age demands, we plan to introduce IT infrastructure which is seamlessly integrated with customer-friendly mobile apps to store and download results, trend analysis of medical history.

Our data analytics department will strive to provide value-added services like result trends, age-related comparison, and locally developed reference ranges, population studies, algorithm to detect anomalies etc. The future is digital and data specific and we are ready for it.

Increasing Digital Reach
During the pandemic, when people were homebound and away from their doctors, digital interactions with the healthcare specialist became the need of the hour. We started organizing PEP (Patient Education Program) talks (PEP talk is copyrighted) by renowned doctors on our social platforms. We invited experts such as nephrologists, diabetologists, cardiologists, gynecologists, oncologist to interact with people. We want to strengthen this platform and encourage people to start a conversation around various ailments and get expert advice from the doctors.

Another campaign we will be promoting is the virtual DOST (Diagnosticians Overseeing Specialized Treatment). Through this program, we plan to raise awareness about a diagnostician’s role in chronic disease management like diabetes, chronic kidney diseases, thyroid, cancer etc. DOST will be an annualized disease management program specially designed for these ailments in concurrence with renowned medical experts.

By arming pathologists with new technology-based insights that will help identify diseases faster, more accurately and at a lower cost, we look to usher in a new age of healthcare that is more proactive than reactive. Neuberg Diagnostics will relentlessly strive to ensure the best technology, fastest and most accurate results reach the common man continentally and safely.

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