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Sun Pharma’s Initiative To Recycle Plastic

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd initiated setting up of treatment and recycling plants, through registered recyclers and engaged scrap vendors for materials like plastic and high-density polyethylene (HDPE).

Systematic processes (SOPs) are in place at Sun Pharma to ensure effective waste management.

With equipments installed at all the major facilities for recycling of the treated Waste materials including solvents, waste water, glass, plastic liners, fibre drums, metal drum sheets, HDPE sheets and waste oil are recycled.

Seventeen of Sun Pharma’s units are Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD), while 5 are in the process of obtaining the status.

Well-equipped solvent recovery systems enable the company to recycle recovered solvents and ensure safe and responsible waste disposal as per Govt. norms.

India’s annual plastic consumption is expected to cross 20 million tonnes in 2020. India consumes an estimated 1.65 crore tonnes of plastic annually, as per a report.

In all, 80 percent of total plastic produced in India is discarded. It mostly ends up choking landfills, drains and rivers and flows into the sea where it is ingested by marine animals. It leaches into soil and water, contaminating the natural environment with poisonous dioxins.

In this regard,India CSR,the largest news network on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability in India is organising Plastic Waste Dialogue on August 27, 2019 in New Delhi in association with Gonative and United Way India Plog Run,which involves some of the most reputable and competent national and world-renowned speakers from industries, CSR, non-profit organizations, international agencies, academia, and research organisations.

Sun Pharma also focusses on economic development and starts at the scarcity of natural resources, clean air, fresh water and rich biodiversity.

By investing in energy efficiency and reducing consumption, the company is not only making environmental sense, but also economic sense.

The company is embraced an all-encompassing environment, health & safety (EHS) policy and etches out the concerns as well as the roadmap to resolve them which includes ensuring statutory compliance, optimising natural resources, effecting continuous improvement in environment management, innovating greener technologies and processes, spread green awareness across internal and external stakeholders. – India CSR

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