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Super Speciality Hospital, Indore gets 128-slice CT scan machine

The arrival of the modern 128-slice CT scan machine at the Super Specialty Hospital marks a significant advancement in healthcare technology. The machine offers unparalleled benefits, particularly for patients who struggle to hold their breath during scans. Unlike traditional machines, this state-of-the-art equipment ensures a smoother scanning process, even for patients with high heart rates or those unable to cooperate fully.

Radiology professor Dr Aman Gupta explained the machine’s features and said that its importance in conducting various diagnostic procedures, including angiography of the heart and examinations related to kidney, head, stomach and bones. Its speed and efficiency, coupled with a larger volume coverage and fewer scan times, make it a valuable asset in diagnosing diseases accurately and promptly. However, before the machine can be operational, approval from the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) is necessary, ensuring compliance with safety standards.

Once approved, the machine will undergo a testing phase lasting approximately one and a half months before it can be utilised for patient care. Superintendent Dr Sumit Shukla said that the hospital has received the machine with the efforts of Dean MGM Medical College Dr Sanjay Dixit and it will be started at the earliest for the benefit of patients. Free Press Journal

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