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Surgeons Remove Denture From Throat In Hyderabad

Surgeons from Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS), Secunderabad led by senior ENT surgeon Dr C Subramanyam performed a complex procedure to remove a tooth denture accidentally swallowed by a person. The incident happened when 43-year-old businessman Yellaiah from Mahabubnagar fell at his work place and fortuitously swallowed his tooth denture, which got stuck in his throat resulting in severe pain.

Initially a local doctor checked the patient and referred him to consult a specialist at KIMS, Secunderabad. Medical gastroenterologists conducted upper GI endoscope to remove the foreign body, but it was firmly lodged.

Expert opinion was sought from ENT surgeons to conduct endoscopic procedure, and from endocrinologists to bring high sugar levels in patient under control. Put under general anaesthesia, Orotracheal Intubation was used on the patient to remove the foreign body using Esophagoscopic procedure, a press release said.

“This was a complex procedure that required utmost care and contribution from various medical departments. As an advice to all, I suggest those requiring dental care do not go for tooth dentures for one or two teeth, and instead opt for permanent implants,” senior ENT surgeon Dr C Subramanyam said. – Telangana Today

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