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Surgical Procedures Through Robotics Introduced at Madurai Hospital

A robotic surgical system, said to be first-of-its-kind in southern Tamil Nadu, was inaugurated at the Meenakshi Mission Hospital & Research Center (MMHRC) in Madurai on Saturday. According to the hospital administration, they resorted to install the system since robotics was turning out to become popular in surgical procedures across the world. The main advantage of this technology was that surgeries which otherwise involve large incisions could be conducted with precision through tiny holes, said experts. “So far, robotic surgery procedures have been available only in big cities like Chennai, Bengaluru and New Delhi,” chairman of MMHRC, Dr S Gurushankar said. On the other hand, medical director of MMHRC Dr Ramesh Ardhanari said that the surgery performed with robotic technology generally lead to less blood loss and fewer transfusions, less pain and trauma, lesser complications, shorter hospitalization time, and faster overall recovery. “The procedure can be performed in specialties like surgical gastroenterology, bariatric surgery, urology, gynecology, surgical oncology, cardio-thoracic surgery and head and neck surgery,” he added. – TOI