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Sysmex and RIKEN innovation sign a comprehensive collaborative agreement

Sysmex Corporation and RIKEN Innovation Co., Ltd. have signed a partnership agreement to use the research results from National Research and Development Institute RIKEN to jointly create new businesses and return benefits to society. Through this agreement, the companies aim to apply advanced and broad-ranging research results from RIKEN, a comprehensive research institution for the natural sciences. The objective is to create high-value testing and diagnostic technologies to resolve global medical issues and contribute to the realization of personalized medicine. Sysmex has established an open innovation lab at Technopark to pursue collaboration with researchers in Japan and overseas. The Company is pursuing numerous joint research projects at global R&D centers and through its network of Group companies, centering on the development of new diagnostic applications. In these ways, Sysmex aims to acquire unique diagnostic technologies through open innovation with medical and research institutions in Japan and overseas.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of RIKEN, RIKEN Innovation is tasked with promoting collaboration between industry and academia that will quickly return value to society based on RIKEN’s research results. As Japan’s key comprehensive research institution for the natural sciences, RIKEN is involved in a broad range of research fields. By promoting the joint creation of businesses, RIKEN Innovation will leverage research results from diverse researchers engaged in fundamental and applied research. As a result, RIKEN Innovation aims to work together on a variety of measures that will help resolve issues faced by companies and society. Sysmex and RIKEN Innovation have entered into a partnership agreement in the aim of leveraging RIKEN’s cross-disciplinary research results and Sysmex’s R&D knowhow related to diagnostic technologies to create new diagnostic technologies and new businesses that can be rolled out globally.Based on this partnership agreement, the two companies will collaborate in searching for needs with a view to creating new diagnostic technologies, outlining diagnostic technology development themes, and building an R&D structure. The companies will pursue open innovation aimed at creating new businesses.

Going forward, by providing diagnostic technologies created under this agreement, Sysmex, RIKEN Innovation and RIKEN aim to create treatment opportunities for patients with diseases that have no established diagnostic methods and contribute to medical economy through more efficient healthcare.

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