Technology in Healthcare: Leapfrog into a Better World

Life expectancy at birth is a measure of the overall health of a nation. If we look at the 2016 Human Development Index (HDI), we see that India was ranked 131 among the 188 countries. Even though everyone has a right to the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health, keeping our population, infrastructure, and geography in mind, it is an almost insurmountable task to achieve. However, technology has the potential to bring a tectonic shift in the healthcare system, as we know it. Given the disparity in the doctor patient ratio in India, the healthcare delivery can be optimised across urban and rural centres with the help of high tech collaboration solutions. Thanks to increased internet penetration in the country, video consultation, or video discussion between doctors, doctors and patients, across different locations through collaboration solutions—hardware and software—will redefine how healthcare is provided today.

A Nation of Juggad

We are a nation of frugal innovations and we need more cost-conscious innovations in healthcare, as it will ensure mass adoption and benefits. Eyenetra has developed a device that turns your smartphone into eye examination equipment. By leveraging programmable displays, it can project images through the screen and use optics in the device for refraction purposes. It can scan the eye and determine the appropriate prescription for a patient. It drastically brings down the eye check-up cost. All you need is a smartphone. Imagine the impact frugal innovations such as this can have in a world with 2.4 billion people who cannot afford spectacles. – Financial Express

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