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Telangana awaits court orders on OH; ready to construct new hospital

The matter of Osmania General Hospital is currently pending in the Telangana High Court, once an order is given, we are fully prepared to abide by it and construct a new modern hospital if ordered to, said Telangana Health Minister Damodar Raja Narasimha while speaking at Osmania Medical College (OMC) on April 7.

Speaking on the occasion of World Health Day, Minister Raja Narasimha pledged forthcoming budget allocations towards the construction of the new OGH building. Additionally, he promised to prioritise the refurbishment of lecture halls at OMC, underscoring the institution’s enduring reputation as a premier medical hub in the State.

“There is a need to reorganise the medical and health department of the State. We will make sure that senior doctors will be given promotions based on their seniority and ensure that special treatment is not provided to anybody. This is how people will trust the Government health sector. The doctors working in the Government sector should provide the best possible medical care to the people who visit hospitals,” he said.

The issue surrounding the dilapidated state of Osmania General Hospital has been a long-standing concern. Escalating in July 2023, the then Telangana government filed an affidavit in High Court over demolition of the building. Another counter affidavit was filed in September 2023 citing demolition and construction of a new facility with 1,812 beds. In January this year, the newly formed Congress government reiterated the plan to demolish the old building and build a new hospital complex. The Hindu

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