Telangana Government Set To Use AI To Provide Better Healthcare

In an effort to introduce Artificial Intelligence (AI) in public healthcare, the State government along with Intel, Public Healthcare Foundation of India (PHFI) and International Institute of Information Technology-Hyderabad (IIIT-H) will work in the field of diagnostics, proactive public healthcare, health services optimisation, evidence based social strategy and policy, and treatment protocol discovery.

Dr Srinath Reddy, president of PHFI, explained to Express how AI can be used to collect data from public healthcare centres to build a data system, to recognize patterns in diseases, offer solutions and help in research for various diseases in a quicker and more accurate way.

“Healthcare can be transformed through AI applications, which will move from deep-learning to self-learning, to reinforced learning. We will be able to witness this transformation not only on the level of diagnostic algorithms, on the individual-level, but also in terms of population health where data from multiple sources has to be integrated to decide what would be the appropriate interventions for specific population groups and public health is the best kind of platform for that knowledge integration,” Dr Reddy added.

An MoU was signed earlier this week between Intel, PHFI, IIIT-H and the State government where Nivruti Rai, the country head of Intel, India, had pointed out that AI can help in improving access to better healthcare services in rural areas.

Will increase organ availability by 30 per cent

The collaboration and use of AI also aims to tackle the issue of shortage of doctors in the country and the State. Nivruti Rai, country head of Intel, India, pointed out that it will increase the organ availability by 30 per cent in case of transplants.-New Indian Express

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