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Telangana govt to regulate pvt hospitals

The Telangana government has adopted Clinical Establishments Act (Registration and Regulation), 2011, handing a wide range of powers to the health department for regulating and levying hefty penalties on private healthcare establishments in the State.

Formally adopting Clinical Establishments Act as Telangana State Clinical Establishments (Registrations and Regulation) Rules, 2011, Secretary, Health, SAM Rizvi has issued a Government Order on Tuesday.

Under the Act, from now on all the healthcare facilities have to register themselves with the District Registering Authority (DRA) in each district. The DRA can grant, renew, suspend and cancel registration of any hospital and can also investigate complaints of breach and enforce compliance of the provisions and rules of the Act.

It is now mandatory for hospitals in Telangana to maintain medical records of patients and submit them every month to the district heath officials. The district authorities can now also enter and conduct searched of the private hospitals, in case they are not adhering to minimum standards.

Depending on the bed-strength of private hospitals, the DRA will collect fee for services like granting provisional and permanent registration, renewal, duplicate certificate, change of ownership etc. The Central and State governments hospitals are exempt from paying registration fees.

Salient points of the Act:

  1.  All private hospitals must register with health authorities
  2.  They must submit patient records every month to the health authorities
  3. Penalties can be imposed on private hospitals in case of non-adherence to minimum standards
  4. Authorities now have power to enter and conduct inspections on premises of private hospitals
  5. Hospitals will be granted registration for 5 years after that they must renew again
  6. Diagnostic laboratories, physiotherapy units, CT and MRI scan labs must register by paying fee

Fee structure:

  • Registration for hospitals with over 200 beds: Rs 16,000
  • Hospitals with 100 to 200 beds: Rs 14,000
  • Hospitals with 50 to 100 beds: Rs. 12,000
  • Hospitals with less than 50 beds: Rs.10,000
  • Solo practitioner: Rs. 4,000
  • Separate fee for renewals, duplicate certificates, change of ownership etc

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