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  • Dr Neeraj Krishna Goyal<br>Senior Pathologist,<br>SRL Limited, Fortis, Jaipur

    Dr Neeraj Krishna Goyal
    Senior Pathologist,
    SRL Limited, Fortis, Jaipur

    Medical Buyergives information which is required for practical purposes and is never taught in any academic course. It helps clinician, pathologists, microbiologists, and teh entire fraternity of medical science to improve knowledge about recent advances and the instrumentation, which are very much required for diagnosis and treatment of patients. In my view the content for an edition can be focused on a single disease or an organ system so that all the information regarding the same topic can be found in a concise form.

  • Deepak Agrawal <br>Professor-Neurosurgery and Gamma-Knife,<br>AIIMS, New Delhi

    Deepak Agrawal
    Professor-Neurosurgery and Gamma-Knife,
    AIIMS, New Delhi

    I have been reading Medical Buyer for a number of years now and I find it very useful for keeping abreast with the latest technological advances in healthcare and medical devices. It is apparent that the editors and the team have been putting in a lot of effort to keep the magazine pertinent and useful for the perennially busy healthcare personnel and decision makers.
    I would love to see some impartial white papers on a single device/technology in each issue to help the reader make an informed decision regarding the most cost-effective and practical applicability in their own settings.

  • Dr Aditi Tikku <br> Manager, Clinical Admin, Operations, and Strategy <br> CEO Office <br> Sir H N Reliance Foundation Hospital

    Dr Aditi Tikku
     Manager, Clinical Admin, Operations, and Strategy
     CEO Office
     Sir H N Reliance Foundation Hospital

    “Beyond the healthcare workspace across the globe, I am amazed to see the incredible contributions from the medical editorial space, a case in point being, a magazine like Medical Buyer.
    They publish one of the best Buyers Guide, latest updates on medical equipment, consumables, new launches across the world, and diverse views from many, many eminent healthcare personalities from the buyer community.
    I would like to express my utmost gratitude to Medical Buyer and the exemplary work that your team has been doing even in these unprecedented times. It is a delight to read different views, analysis, policies, MedTech regulations, and changes across the world in the health scenario.
    It has been amazing to witness what an important role your daily newsletter plays in improving the lives of so many people and making the process of health information flow, so smooth, interesting, and up to date.”

  • Niranjan Ramakrishnan <br> Group Vice President, Digital <br> Leixir Dental Group

    Niranjan Ramakrishnan
    Group Vice President, Digital
    Leixir Dental Group

    “Collating the most appropriate information across the medical industry and presenting in the digital and print literature over the years as a single door solution for the industry users is a huge task!On top of this, bringing so many thought leaders together. To build the trust as a huge motivator to get everyone’s great collaboration and lead to positive business results is a herculean task and Medical Buyer makes it look so easy!
    Wishing Medical Buyer for the passion and endurance in leading the efforts even during the pandemic. Wishing best to the team Medical Buyer!”

  • Dr Yogesh Kumar Gupta<br> Consultant–Microbiology and Infection Control, <br> SRL Limited, Fortis Escorts Hospital

    Dr Yogesh Kumar Gupta
     Consultant–Microbiology and Infection Control,
     SRL Limited, Fortis Escorts Hospital

    “In this rapidly growing era of technology and busy life of a medico, we do not have time to go through the literature on all the equipment and instruments provided by various companies, which we need to. So, Medical Buyer is our solution and one-stop source, which provides us with details of new and best medical equipment with added benefits of some very helpful and informative articles.
    My best wishes to Medical Buyer!

  • Dr Parul Mohan<br> Senior Consultant and Incharge Nuclear Medicine Mahajan Imaging,<br> Fortis Hospital, New Delhi

    Dr Parul Mohan
    Senior Consultant and Incharge Nuclear Medicine Mahajan Imaging,
    Fortis Hospital, New Delhi

    In the rapidly growing era of technology trends, it is more than essential to stay updated with the latest happenings in the world of medical equipment and technology. At the same time, when so much is already happening in the market every now and then, finding a suitable source that provides all the latest updates can be a task for many.
    Medical Buyer can easily keep you aware of the key role of medical technology in your day to day medical practice. My best wishes to Medical Buyer!!

  • Dr Sheila John<br>Head of Teleophthalmology Department and E-learning Department and Consultant Ophthalmologist,<br>Sankara Nethralaya Eye Hospital, Chennai

    Dr Sheila John
    Head of Teleophthalmology Department and E-learning Department and Consultant Ophthalmologist,
    Sankara Nethralaya Eye Hospital, Chennai

    Medical Buyer is a one-stop-shop for all our medical equipment needs. Filled with the latest innovative products from various manufacturers, it is a handy guide for busy medical professionals who need to navigate the changing vista of medical healthcare technology in the midst of our busy lives. There are relevant technology updates with concise reviews on options across equipment categories, which aid us in our treatment and modernization plans.

  • Dr R Kishore Kumar<br>Founder and Chairman,<br>Cloudnine Group of Hospitals, Bengaluru

    Dr R Kishore Kumar
    Founder and Chairman,
    Cloudnine Group of Hospitals, Bengaluru

    We established Cloudnine Group of Hospitals in 2005, exactly 15 years ago, which sounds so easy now. But those days we did not have any catalogue or any website for any medical equipment, consumables, there was less awareness of healthcare personnel and so on. We depended on the word of mouth advice and went to China, Chennai, and Dubai for the hunt of medical equipment and for many other issues. Medical Buyer has simplified all that–with a one stop solution for everything, a private healthpreuner is looking for. Medical Buyer not only has the information on medical equipment, it showcases latest technology in the healthcare field, healthcare delivery issues, consumables, news on people and more. It has definitely revolutionized the way healthcare is being delivered in India and abroad.
    Congratulations and all the best-Medical Buyer Team!

  • Dr Bijal Kapadia,<br>Medical Director,<br>Life Care Hospital, Daman

    Dr Bijal Kapadia,
    Medical Director,
    Life Care Hospital, Daman

    Medical Buyer provides us to-the-point information on the latest medical equipment and related subjects to perfection. As we are going through a COVID era, I would request for reserving one edition of Medical Buyer exclusively for COVID-19-related topics.

  • Dr Puneet Gupta,<br>Director Oncology and Medical Oncology,<br>Metro Group of Hospitals, New Delhi

    Dr Puneet Gupta,
    Director Oncology and Medical Oncology,
    Metro Group of Hospitals, New Delhi

    Drugs, devices, and diagnostics are the heart of the modern healthcare system. Medical Buyer has empowered the medical community, including medical administrators, doctors, MedTech buyers, and medical financiers to take optimal decisions in medical equipment and diagnostic kit procurement. Policy makers also gain from reading the magazine. I am sure Medical Buyer shall continue to be an asset to the Indian healthcare industry and the caregivers through its rich knowledge-based content, expert opinions, market reviews, and ground-breaking diagnostic technology information. Wishing all the best to the team in these trying COVID times!

  • Dr S Madan Mohan,<br>Sr Medical Officer,<br>Red Cross Blood Bank, Vijayawada

    Dr S Madan Mohan,
    Sr Medical Officer,
    Red Cross Blood Bank, Vijayawada

    Medical Buyer is a unique medical magazine. There is no other magazine that can match the manner in which it deals with a variety of medical equipment, all on one platform. From time to time, it gives information of new equipment in detail, providing regular updates so that it is easy for the buyer to have knowledge of the new instruments manufactured by various companies, and at the same time select one from amongst so many, by evaluating price, servicing, and different features of the instrument. In a single word, Medical Buyer is an encyclopedia of medical instruments and a buyer’s paradise. Once again, my heartiest congratulations to the team and the management for arming us with so much information in a nutshell!

  • Dr Naveen Thomas,<br>Director & CEO,<br>Bangalore Baptist Hospital, Bengaluru

    Dr Naveen Thomas,
    Director & CEO,
    Bangalore Baptist Hospital, Bengaluru

    Going through the articles in Medical Buyer, would like to make the following points: Relevant topics are wide ranging. Everyone will find something of interest–be it a laboratory-related topic, administration, COVID-related issue, infectious disease, biomedical engineering, or topics of general interest. The topics are contemporary, and the layout and the presentation are excellent. A suggestion. It may be good to add a one-page news bytes, relevant to medical fraternity, covering the latest government initiatives, tax breaks, interesting medical and hospital news, etc.

  • Dr Krishnamurthy B,<br>Former Director and Dean,<br>Former Professor of Pediatrics,<br>Mysore Medical College and Research Institute, Mysore

    Dr Krishnamurthy B,
    Former Director and Dean,
    Former Professor of Pediatrics,
    Mysore Medical College and Research Institute, Mysore

    Medical Buyer is a good combination of information on state-of-the-art equipment available in the market for those who wish to establish good healthcare centers or upgrade the existing facility, and critical evaluation of ravaging healthcare issues presented in a very attractive format. I am sure this will serve as an excellent guide for hospital administrators who are looking to improve their existing infrastructure. I wish Medical Buyer all the best!

  • Dr Ananth N Rao,<br>Unit Head and General Manager,<br>Columbia Asia Referral Hospital, Bengaluru

    Dr Ananth N Rao,
    Unit Head and General Manager,
    Columbia Asia Referral Hospital, Bengaluru

    Medical Buyer has set itself a class apart in healthcare sector publishing. The topics selected are contemporary, and have complete resonance with the reader community. The experience of the contributors clearly reflects in the articles. A section on current research in healthcare operations would be a great addition to the magazine. In essence, the relevance of topics, choice of authors, layout, and an attractive design make it an obvious pick for interested readers. Wishing the team many more years of excellence!

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