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  • Dr Parul Mohan

    Dr Parul Mohan

    Medical Buyer understands that the business of healthcare is undergoing transformation. It fulfills information needs of the healthcare management professionals. The content of the magazine is well structured into different sections. Combined each of these sections cover all aspects of the business of healthcare. This helps us in effective planning and expansion of the department.
    I wish the Medical Buyer team all the best for their endeavors!

  • Dr Syed Tasleem Raza

    Dr Syed Tasleem Raza

    I have been associated with Medical Buyer for last one year and contributed few articles on HPLC and gel electrophoresis. It is a very informative magazine for clinicians, researchers, and scientists as it publishes all updates of diagnostics, medical technologies, and instruments. I wish good luck to entire team of Medical Buyer to extend their excellent contribution in the field of science technology and medicine.

  • Dr Seema Gupta

    Dr Seema Gupta

    Medical Buyer uniquely combines information on basic hospital equipment and cutting edge new technologies. This is done in a clear, comprehensive, and easy to read format with an industry specific slant that makes the magazine particularly useful.
    It gets you helpful advice on your existing bread-n-butter equipment used commonly in most hospital ops while showcasing new latest solutions that can save costs, solve operational problems, or bring in new revenue. I recommend this for all busy hospital owners, practicing clinicians, and healthcare administrators.

  • Dr Yogesh Kumar Gupta

    Dr Yogesh Kumar Gupta

    Medical Buyer has emerged as the one stop resource of information regarding healthcare device and services. It gives an insight and illuminates the significance of latest medical technologies and is of great interest to all medical humanities. Medical Buyer places itself as important tool in delivering valuable and accurate information about medical equipment and technology along with view of expert medical personnel. I congratulate team of Medical Buyer for publishing relevant articles in their magazine with a wonderful design and layout.

  • Dr Rahul Kumar

    Dr Rahul Kumar

    Medical Buyer magazine provides a well-rounded summary of technological advancement in medical equipment used across various medical fields. Reading the magazine regularly can make buyers well versed with the specifications of medical equipment in advance. Experts opinion in the magazine makes for an engaging read.

  • Dr Pravin D. Potdar

    Dr Pravin D. Potdar

    I have been associated with Medical Buyer for last 12 years as a reader as well as contributor for several articles on use of various laboratory instruments for diagnosis of cancer and other diseases. It is one of the best medical instrument magazine publishing newly introduced medical equipment with new technology. Overall look of this magazine is so attractive that all readers feel to read Medical Buyer. Medical Buyer also features various experts opinion written by senior clinicians, scientists, lab managers, and entrepreneurs in different areas of medicine and healthcare industries. Medical Buyer helps clinicians and scientists to understand innovated technology for diagnosis and therapies of various diseases. I wish good luck to whole team of Medical Buyer to extend their excellent contribution in the field of medicine.

  • Dr Sarita Yadav

    Dr Sarita Yadav

    The range of medical technologies is increasing from simple materials to complex sophisticated devices. Medical Buyer has drawn a rich variety of sources of medical technologies. It gives an insight and illuminates the significance of latest medical technologies and is of great interest to all medical humanities. It gives a review about the technological innovations that revolutionized science in many aspects of diagnosis, management, and treatment.

  • Dr Deepak Gupta

    Dr Deepak Gupta

    In these rapidly changing times, when every other day a new discovery is being made, a new milestone reached, a new technique developed in the field of healthcare and diagnostics; Medical Buyer provides an opportunity to the prospective buyer to find the latest and most relevant product suited to his needs. One can compare products and opt from a plethora of products. It is one place where the buyer and the seller can come together and discuss their option. I wish the Medical Buyer team the very best in their effort.

  • Dr Sanjay Ingle

    Dr Sanjay Ingle

    Medical Buyer is a good medium to know the latest technologies that are revolutionizing healthcare. Also, it gives good insight from the users regarding the feasibility of the new technologies…Read More

  • Dr Shaik Mohammad Naushad

    Dr Shaik Mohammad Naushad

    In today’s world of technological revolution, frequent update of knowledge and skills along with infrastructure is essential in the medical fraternity and laboratory medicine to achieve the ultimate goal of prompt diagnosis, efficient treatment, and management of the patient. However, the time to acquire this knowledgebase through reading literature and research articles is lacking. Medical Buyer is acting as a buffering medium in bridging this time lapse to acquire knowledge by providing frequent updates on technological advances and by providing product-specific reviews and comparisons. Expert opinions on each product help the reader in knowing the merits and demerits of a particular product and save time in purchase planning process. This magazine is facilitating informed decision making in the medical buying segment.

  • Swapna Mitra

    Swapna Mitra

    I applaud ADI Media Private Limited for the publication of their wonderful magazine for the medical fraternity. I read your entire set of magazines, and so impressed that I wanted…Read More

  • Dr Anuradha Sekaran

    Dr Anuradha Sekaran

    Medical Buyer is a good magazine for medical and lab professionals. The magazine has special features on various topics ranging from basic laboratory instruments to high-end technology helping everyone to…Read More

  • Dr Angel Rajan Singh

    Dr Angel Rajan Singh

    I have found the magazine to be a useful resource which keeps you updated with the what, why, and how of healthcare! The breadth and depth of topics covered give a newer perspective to everyone – from the CEO to a student!

  • Dr S Tasleem Raza

    Dr S Tasleem Raza

    Medical Buyer is a must-read magazine for all as it keeps you updated on the latest technology updates in medical science. The selection of contents is excellent with a unique style and clarity of presentation. Apart from giving us an insight about the recent technological advancements in medical equipment and devices, Medical Buyer also provides information and reviews about various products available from different manufacturers, which prompt us to select the product of our choice.
    The Medical Buyer team is doing commendable work and I wish them all the very best for the future!

  • Rajendra Patankar

    Rajendra Patankar

    Medical Buyer is one unique healthcare magazine which has an optimal dose (information) on not only medical equipment but also various other aspects of healthcare delivery. It give insights on the opportunities and challenges on an ongoing basis and helps us keep abreast with the information on the ground. A reader is benefitted by the detailed information on the medical equipment and helps one to make an informed decision while finalizing the purchase order.
    I especially like the section on Perspectives as it help readers to have a better understanding on the varied topics covered by people from the industry.

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