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  • Dr B Sanjeev Rai

    Dr B Sanjeev Rai

    Medical Buyer is a readily available encyclopedia for anything new in medical care, be it diagnostic gadgets, medical therapeutic tools, or the latest updates on policy and procedures in medical care or procurement of materials. The content of Medical Buyer exceptionally covers varied topics and issues regularly. Content, clarity, and presentation of topics in Medical Buyer is excellent. I am sure Medical Buyer is a valuable reasource for any medical institution, be it large or small.
    I have immensely benefitted from Medical Buyer articles in our decision-making for purchase of equipment/devices for our hospital.

  • Dr Vandana Khare

    Dr Vandana Khare

    Medical Buyer holds a special place in healthcare sector publishing. Each month, the magazine gives reliable, valuable insights from healthcare professionals on the latest equipment, medical supplies, their technologies, and software availability. Here readers discover the practical advice, analysis, and insight on medical equipment and supplies, innovative concepts, and solutions they need to upgrade to. It is beneficial for all those planning to start or are already running or looking for up-gradation of facilities in the medical field.
    I am very fond of the magazine and an avid reader. Thank you, Medical Buyer. Keep up the great work!

  • Dr Jitendra K. Thakur

    Dr Jitendra K. Thakur

    In my opinion, Medical Buyer is a very useful magazine. The regular features and articles give the latest market trends and also inform us about the changing requirements. The magazine gives useful information on the latest technologies and high-end instruments. I am a research scientist leading a team of molecular biologists and bioinformaticians. Since our research field is multidisciplinary, we use a wide range of instruments like DNA sequencers, mass spectrometers, chromatography stations, advanced microscopes, and the like. I must say that Medical Buyer keeps me updated on all such instruments as these are regularly evolving technologies, especially DNA sequencers. So, although Medical Buyer targets medical professionals, scientists and academicians like me also benefit.
    I find Perspective and Industry Speak sections very useful.

  • Dr Shaloo Kapoor

    Dr Shaloo Kapoor

    Medical Buyer keeps us all updated about recent medical advances and technologies. It has collated valuable information related to instruments, reagents, and market trends. Current topics like PoC devices should be given more coverage as readers will find them useful.

  • Dr Sameer Gupta

    Dr Sameer Gupta

    In today’s ever-changing world of medicine, Medical Buyer remains an essential resource for all healthcare professionals. It keeps the reader aware of the latest technologies, newer treatments, developments, and gadgets across the different specialties of medicine. Hospital administrators, healthcare professionals, and anyone involved in patient care, both directly and indirectly, will benefit from reading the magazine.

  • Dr Sarita Yadav

    Dr Sarita Yadav

    Medical Buyer is associated with a wide array of knowledge. Its collection of newer technologies, newer ideas, and news information is amazing. It is constantly evolving, enhancing the ease of getting medical information, and thus saving a lot of time. The Report section of various issues deserves special applause. This magazine is a wonderful support and practical help.
    I wish the Medical Buyer team all the best for their future endeavors!

  • Dr Ananth N Rao

    Dr Ananth N Rao

    Medical Buyer has set itself a league apart in healthcare sector publishing. The topics selected are contemporary and have complete resonance with the reader community. The experience of the contributors clearly reflects in the articles. A section on current research in healthcare operations would be a great addition to the magazine. In essence, the relevance of topics, choice of authors, layout, and an attractive design make it an obvious pick for interested readers.Wishing many more years of excellence!

  • Binish Jawed

    Binish Jawed

    Medical Buyer is a magazine that keep us informed on the latest technology and trends in the arena of healthcare. I am reading Medical Buyer since a decade and find it very informative. It enables us to take decision in adapting a new technology and gauging their demand in especially Indian healthcare sector.
    I look forward for new issues and all the best to Medical Buyer team for their future endeavors!

  • Dr Nitiraj Gandhi

    Dr Nitiraj Gandhi

    Medical Buyer is a one-stop shop for information on medical supplies and equipment. It empowers the users with reliable and upto date information on all aspects of technology. It is a good platform to review standards and specifications.
    I wish the team all the best in their future endeavors!

  • Dr Somika Sethi

    Dr Somika Sethi

    Medical Buyer provides trusted valuable insight from healthcare industry experts on the current and future trends, latest technologies, and software available for up-gradation of facilities in medical field. It is a comprehensive outlook for all decision makers to understand new developments in medical technology and their application for patient care.
    I wish Medical Buyer Team all the best for their future endeavors.

  • Swapna Mitra

    Swapna Mitra

    Medical Buyer contribution on information about medical technology for all medical equipment has been immense. The magazine has earned the trust and respect from medical fraternity with its honesty, sincerity, and commitment toward work. Congratulations on a job well done. We are proud of being associated with you and want to continue to excel with your exemplary work ethics. Your innovative ways have proved nothing is impossible. You truly deserve all the success you have; earned it with your hard work. Your innovative ways inspire us to reach new heights. Your phenomenal contribution and accomplishments make you unique in every sense.

  • Dr Shivanand Gundalli

    Dr Shivanand Gundalli

    Medical Buyer is a good, solid magazine which provides information regarding newer trends in healthcare equipment related to pathology, radiology , transfusion medicine, and pharmaceutical industries. It helps us to know present and future status of healthcare industry.
    I wish Medical Buyer Team will reach farthest part of continent so that all people will be aware of healthcare related issues and best of luck for future endeavors.

  • Dr Pravin D. Potdar

    Dr Pravin D. Potdar

    I have been associated with Medical Buyer for the last 14 years and have also written several articles on my specialized field in molecular diagnostics. I am very happy to state that this medical magazine has great development in its appearance, design, and its content. I like the strategies of Medical Buyer team to find top-most people from various healthcare industries and invite them to contribute articles on their specialized fields so that the magazine publishes correct information on innovative medical instruments and their precise application in various faculties of medicine for patient care. It becomes a reference book for medical faculties to understand new developments in medical technology and their application for patient care.
    I personally feel proud to be associated with Medical Buyer and congratulate its team for the successful publication of this magazine for the last two decades. I wish all the best to Medical Buyer team for their future endeavors.

  • Dr Anurag Yadav

    Dr Anurag Yadav

    In this era of too much information available on various platforms on the internet, it gets extremely difficult to sieve out the unbiased and true facts to be able to make a correct decision to buy and upgrade new equipment or software. Medical Buyer provides a neutral platform with extensive details on almost all the available machines, their cost effectiveness, the future technologies, and insights into the way forward.
    I wish the team of Medical Buyer all the best for keeping the flag flying!

  • Neeraj Lal

    Neeraj Lal

    Medical Buyer is a comprehensive magazine providing updates about the recent advancements in technology and latest medical equipment along with accessories. The articles published are relevant and timely. Medical Buyer is a good source of reference for all healthcare professionals.
    I wish all the best to Medical Buyer team!

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