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  • Dr Pravin D. Potdar

    Dr Pravin D. Potdar

    I have been associated with Medical Buyer for the last 14 years and have also written several articles on my specialized field in molecular diagnostics. I am very happy to state that this medical magazine has great development in its appearance, design, and its content. I like the strategies of Medical Buyer team to find top-most people from various healthcare industries and invite them to contribute articles on their specialized fields so that the magazine publishes correct information on innovative medical instruments and their precise application in various faculties of medicine for patient care. It becomes a reference book for medical faculties to understand new developments in medical technology and their application for patient care.
    I personally feel proud to be associated with Medical Buyer and congratulate its team for the successful publication of this magazine for the last two decades. I wish all the best to Medical Buyer team for their future endeavors.

  • Dr Anurag Yadav

    Dr Anurag Yadav

    In this era of too much information available on various platforms on the internet, it gets extremely difficult to sieve out the unbiased and true facts to be able to make a correct decision to buy and upgrade new equipment or software. Medical Buyer provides a neutral platform with extensive details on almost all the available machines, their cost effectiveness, the future technologies, and insights into the way forward.
    I wish the team of Medical Buyer all the best for keeping the flag flying!

  • Neeraj Lal

    Neeraj Lal

    Medical Buyer is a comprehensive magazine providing updates about the recent advancements in technology and latest medical equipment along with accessories. The articles published are relevant and timely. Medical Buyer is a good source of reference for all healthcare professionals.
    I wish all the best to Medical Buyer team!

  • Dr Jyoti Upadhyay

    Dr Jyoti Upadhyay

    Medical Buyer enriches us with the updated knowledge of latest medical equipment and accessories required for research in industry and academic institutions. It helps to foster innovation and achievement by providing supplementary information like quality, reliability, and performance excellence of plethora of equipment, which are routinely used for analysis by health professionals.

  • Dr Yogesh Kumar Gupta

    Dr Yogesh Kumar Gupta

    Medical Buyer provides latest information on medical and healthcare industry, including diagnostic services. In current digital era Medical Buyer provides the hospital stores and biomedical units with knowledge and comprehensive articles on medical equipment and changing healthcare trends for upgradation of facilities in the medical field. It also provides up-to-date information to users for selecting their equipment and instruments.I wish the Medical Buyer team all the best!

  • Dr Seema Gupta

    Dr Seema Gupta

    Medical Buyer remains a trusted source of market information, new trends, and interesting perspectives from varied stakeholders in Indian healthcare. The content is easy to read and timely.

  • Gandharv Roy

    Gandharv Roy

    In the healthcare sector, Bharat is bridging the gap with India, with digital communication and other amenities. Medical Buyer gives a suitable opportunity to exchange ideas, inputs, and technologies all over India, and this holistic perspective is definitely going to help in the long term. After all, a comprehensive outlook over various medical fields is the call of the day and Medical Buyer is catering with a rational and contemporary viewpoint.

  • Dr Kunal Jawahar Thakkar

    Dr Kunal Jawahar Thakkar

    Medical Buyer has excellent content, regular updates on latest equipment, technologies, and valuable inputs from industry experts. It is a companion for all decision makers. My best wishes to the team of Medical Buyer. Keep up the good work!

  • Dr Anju Verma

    Dr Anju Verma

    Healthcare professionals and healthcare administrators, who want to stay updated on the most recent advancements in medical technology and about the latest medical equipment, will find value in Medical Buyer. This is a great publication as it offers insight into the side of research that deals with finding the right equipment and processes to achieve medical goals.
    I wish the entire team of Medical Buyer the very best in their future endeavors!

  • Dr Girish Gaur

    Dr Girish Gaur

    In these demanding times, when we need to keep ourselves updated with daily transformations happening in diagnostics industry, Medical Buyer has been instrumental in empowering us by making available key facts about advantages as well as inherent challenges of available and upcoming technologies.
    I wish Medical Buyer all the very best for their future endeavors.

  • Dr Jitendra K. Thakur

    Dr Jitendra K. Thakur

    I have been reading Medical Buyer for a while, and I find it quite useful. I am a scientist leading a team of molecular biologists. Since our field is multidisciplinary, we use a wide range of instruments like high throughput sequencers, advanced microscopes, mass spectrometers, advanced chromatography stations, and the like. I have found Medical Buyer a very useful reference guide, which provides me up-to-date information on such types of instruments in one place. Sections like Perspective and Industry Speak give a clear-cut idea of the latest trends and expectations of the market, which is very important for a research lab like ours.

  • Dr Vivek Sharma

    Dr Vivek Sharma

    Medical Buyer is an excellent magazine that covers careful analysis of advancements and topics relating to medical equipment in a comprehensive manner across contemporary companies including international manufacturers. Going through Medical Buyer, one gets comprehensive information effortlessly.Keep up the good work!

  • Dr Ritu Garg

    Dr Ritu Garg

    Medical Buyer is one of the finest magazines for updates on medical technologies around the world. The magazine is designed in a refined manner to keep the interest of the reader till the end. The details of equipment categorized in the magazine are very handy and useful for day-to-day activities at the hospital. The changing scenarios of medical equipment are explained in simple form for everyone’s understanding.
    I wish Medical Buyer all the very best!

  • Soma Chakraborty

    Soma Chakraborty

    Medical Buyer has become an integral part of the healthcare industry as it encompasses a wide gamut of medical devices and accessories. The information is highly useful to keep us abreast of the latest changes and advances accordingly.
    My best wishes to the entire Medical Buyer team!

  • Dr S Madan Mohan

    Dr S Madan Mohan

    Medical Buyer is a wonderful magazine like Maya Darpanam (magic mirror) in a magician’s hand. It is a single platform where one can see different aspects of particular instruments, manufacturers, buyers, and customers (who are already using them). Any new organization or institution planning to buy any equipment can refer to Medical Buyer and can easily decide without any hardship.
    Medical Buyer provides a unique buyer-seller interface. It is a reliable source of information for purchase decision makers. I appreciate the efforts put up by the entire team to bring out edition after edition.
    I strongly recommend it to hospital administrators and laboratory professionals.

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