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  • Dr Naveen Thomas,<br>Director & CEO,<br>Bangalore Baptist Hospital, Bengaluru

    Dr Naveen Thomas,
    Director & CEO,
    Bangalore Baptist Hospital, Bengaluru

    Going through the articles in Medical Buyer, would like to make the following points: Relevant topics are wide ranging. Everyone will find something of interest–be it a laboratory-related topic, administration, COVID-related issue, infectious disease, biomedical engineering, or topics of general interest. The topics are contemporary, and the layout and the presentation are excellent. A suggestion. It may be good to add a one-page news bytes, relevant to medical fraternity, covering the latest government initiatives, tax breaks, interesting medical and hospital news, etc.

  • Dr Krishnamurthy B,<br>Former Director and Dean,<br>Former Professor of Pediatrics,<br>Mysore Medical College and Research Institute, Mysore

    Dr Krishnamurthy B,
    Former Director and Dean,
    Former Professor of Pediatrics,
    Mysore Medical College and Research Institute, Mysore

    Medical Buyer is a good combination of information on state-of-the-art equipment available in the market for those who wish to establish good healthcare centers or upgrade the existing facility, and critical evaluation of ravaging healthcare issues presented in a very attractive format. I am sure this will serve as an excellent guide for hospital administrators who are looking to improve their existing infrastructure. I wish Medical Buyer all the best!

  • Dr Ananth N Rao,<br>Unit Head and General Manager,<br>Columbia Asia Referral Hospital, Bengaluru

    Dr Ananth N Rao,
    Unit Head and General Manager,
    Columbia Asia Referral Hospital, Bengaluru

    Medical Buyer has set itself a class apart in healthcare sector publishing. The topics selected are contemporary, and have complete resonance with the reader community. The experience of the contributors clearly reflects in the articles. A section on current research in healthcare operations would be a great addition to the magazine. In essence, the relevance of topics, choice of authors, layout, and an attractive design make it an obvious pick for interested readers. Wishing the team many more years of excellence!

  • Debrishi Chatterjee<br>Assistant Superintendent,<br>Purulia Government Medical College & Hospital,<br>Department of Health & Family Welfare,<br>Government of West Bengal

    Debrishi Chatterjee
    Assistant Superintendent,
    Purulia Government Medical College & Hospital,
    Department of Health & Family Welfare,
    Government of West Bengal

    I am an ardent admirer of Medical Buyer. The multifarious state-of-the-art technological advances in the domain of medical equipment are so excellently exhibited that the magazine becomes a one-stop solution for all our medical equipment needs. Added to it are various insightful articles of the healthcare cosmos, presented in a superlative style and well-crafted layout that becomes a great value-addition to our health-management repertoire.
    I acknowledge the immense contribution of Medical Buyer in upholding the latest advances in the medical equipment landscape.
    I wish the Medical Buyer team all the best!

  • Manoj Pandey<br>General Manager – Materials,<br>Apollo Hospitals International Limited

    Manoj Pandey
    General Manager – Materials,
    Apollo Hospitals International Limited

    For the last five years I am referring to Medical Buyer for technical compression and comparing the products, while purchasing any medical CapEx or any lab equipment. All the issues of Medical Buyer are very informative and help the medical fraternity in a big way.
    My best wishes to the team of Medical Buyer!
    Keep up the good work!

  • T. Ch. Mouliswara Rao,<br>CEO,<br>Chalasani Hospitals Pvt. Ltd.

    T. Ch. Mouliswara Rao,
    Chalasani Hospitals Pvt. Ltd.

    Information is key to the decision-making process, and a platform, which provides such information, guides the professionals in the key decision-making process. I am happy that Medical Buyer is bridging the gap between the suppliers and the users, bringing multifold advantage to all stakeholders of the healthcare ecosystem, ultimately translating to better patient outcomes.

  • Dr Sanjay Jaiswal<br>Senior Consultant Neurology, Director,<br>Jaiswal Hospital and Neuro Institute

    Dr Sanjay Jaiswal
    Senior Consultant Neurology, Director,
    Jaiswal Hospital and Neuro Institute

    Medical Buyer is a trusted source of medical market information and the latest innovations in laboratory and radiological science. I am a regular reader of Medical Buyer since the last so many years. Medical Buyer has excellent content, regular updates on latest equipment, technologies, and valuable inputs from industry experts. It is a companion for all decision makers.
    My best wishes to the team of Medical Buyer.
    Keep up the good work!

  • Dr Sudhindra SG

    Dr Sudhindra SG

    Medical Buyer is a good source of information and guide for newer and most effective technologies for MedTech and IVD requirements. The magazine pens intelligent and comprehensive articles, which help upgrade various medical equipment based on technology, cost competitiveness, and need of the patient. The widespread impact of new medical technologies cannot be achieved without providing information to the end-user, and increasing awareness of healthcare providers. It is especially useful in the current COVID pandemic scenario.
    Medical Buyer provides awareness about newer medical technologies comprehensively. The team is doing an excellent job.
    Cheers! Keep it up!!

  • Dr Vivek Sharma

    Dr Vivek Sharma

    Technological advancements in medical care today have seen an unprecedented upward trend, which has created new challenges in hospital expenses including equipment procurement. To continue to be financially viable in this competitive field,awareness is of prime importance.
    Medical Buyer is a niche magazine, which touches all fields of medical care, be it administrative, preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic, or rehabilitative, and is a must read for all healthcare professionals.

  • Terence Kurian

    Terence Kurian

    Medical Buyer gives a glimpse of technology updates on a regular basis and helps upgrade the techno-commercial community to position themselves in the elite group or align themselves as per their business strategy. It is a knowledge catalyst in the modern healthcare environment. It educates and showcases the new technology, as well as acts as information bank for commercial managers.

  • MS Thiruvarian

    MS Thiruvarian

    I am extremely impressed by the contents and layout of the magazine Medical Buyer. Hospital administrators, healthcare professionals, and all involved in patient care, both directly and indirectly, regularly benefit from reading the magazine.
    Medical Buyer team, please keep up the good work and bring some innovative ideas in the healthcare sector!

  • Dr Sandeep Chatrath

    Dr Sandeep Chatrath

    Medical Buyeris a comprehensive medical magazine, covering latest updates in key medical areas pertaining to hospitals, laboratories, research institutes, diagnostic centers, and blood banks. Also, the latest updates in medical equipment and devices and strategic inputs in hospital management are immensely valuable for hospital professionals.

  • Dr Shimi Pahuja

    Dr Shimi Pahuja

    Medical Buyer is an essential monthly dose in revolutionizing the world of modern medicine and technology. It covers all related articles by eminent authors, doctors, and technologists in the fields of healthcare, diagnostics, instrumentations, and telemedicine. The magazine keeps you updated regarding medical equipment, evolving technologies, and high-end instrumentations, thus helping users and buyers who are looking for an up-gradation of facilities. New insights are provided on current topics every month.
    I find this magazine very beneficial in this era of modern medicine and technology.
    Thank you, Medical Buyer. Keep doing great work!

  • Dr Mona Goyal

    Dr Mona Goyal

    Medical Buyer is an excellent healthcare magazine, providing latest information on healthcare industry, medical equipment, and diagnostic instruments. The updates how the healthcare is evolving globally, varied technology trends that are revolutionizing the changes in 2020, and the views of leaders of industry as well as of buyers are interesting and give deep insight of the upcoming trends.
    Medical Buyer keeps updating the users about various options of lab instruments, intensive-care gadgets, user-friendly hospital furniture, and many more innovative concepts.
    I am very fond of the magazine and always feel benefitted. Best of luck to the whole team, and keep enhancing and updating our knowledge!

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