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  • Dr Lona Mohapatra

    Dr Lona Mohapatra

    Medical Buyer is a unique magazine. It is a ready reckoner for information on medical equipment and devices in the area of recent technical advancements and automation. It makes end users aware about new technology developments, with their merits and demerits along with their usefulness in the area of quality and healthcare. As its covers every aspect of the hospital, regular reading will help us to be abreast of the current activities in healthcare

    I wish to congratulate the entire Medical Buyer team. Keep it up!

  • Dr Neelima Verma

    Dr Neelima Verma

    It is my pleasure to congratulate the Medical Buyer team for their relentless success. Medical Buyer has steadily created a niche for itself. It has now become a one-stop information…Read More

  • Dr TBS Buxi

    Dr TBS Buxi

    Advancements in medical technology are awesome and continuously changing. Medical Buyer is the medium bringing out the technology and best practices in a totally impartial manner. Contributions in Medical Buyer…Read More

  • Dr Rashi Agarwal

    Dr Rashi Agarwal

    Medical Buyer is a true medical one-stop source, where buyers can get all information, comparisons of various equipment, and technology available. It is an excellent resource for setting up a…Read More

  • Mathews Philip

    Mathews Philip

    Medical Buyer is really good and informative. The articles are very authentic and very inspiring. Personally, I feel every investor in this field should read and gather more information before…Read More

  • Dr HP Singh

    Dr HP Singh

    Medical Buyer is a comprehensive showcase of healthcare issues, technology, medical equipment, and accessories. It is an opinion maker for making a clear informed decision. Articles published on all topics are researched and have excellent content. A value-driven approach to customer is the main theme for all updates. It is a good useful tool for professional development and customer information and works like an anytime guide.

    I wish the Medical Buyer team all the best! Cheers!!

  • Neeraj Lal

    Neeraj Lal

    This digital era of healthcare is becoming increasingly demanding and technology driven. Medical Buyer comes across as a perfect guide to keep in touch with state-of-the-art technologies. This magazine provides comprehensive information…Read More

  • Niranjan K Ramakrishnan<br>CIO<br>Sir Ganga Ram Hospital</br>

    Niranjan K Ramakrishnan
    Sir Ganga Ram Hospital

    In a highly competitive, fragmented, cost driven healthcare industry, Medical Buyer’s role for last 3 decades as a focused medical strategic sourcing platform is tremendous. As a buyer of medical products, healthcare…Read More

  • Dr Sanjeev K Singh

    Dr Sanjeev K Singh

    I find Medical Buyer extremely useful. The topics that are covered in each edition are up to date, relevant, and informative. All leaders in respective fields are contacted to contribute…Read More

  • Dr S Madan Mohan

    Dr S Madan Mohan

    I am very happy to say that Medical Buyer is an amazing magazine. It is a one-stop information center, where information regarding each and every instrument is given precisely and…Read More

  • Dr Suman Hegde

    Dr Suman Hegde

    The best part of Medical Buyer is its intention of providing enormous information about the wide range of medical equipment availability in the market by medical experts. Indeed, it is heartening to know of its success story. I have not yet come across any other nationwide circulated monthly magazine that has at its focal point genuine medical stuff, a trendy front cover, and colorful high-quality content pages.

  • Dr Rachna Singh

    Dr Rachna Singh

    In the present scenario of daily advancement in medical technology, I find Medical Buyer extremely useful in keeping us informed and updated. The magazine provides elaborate information on the latest…Read More

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