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  • Dr Shaik Mohammad Naushad

    Dr Shaik Mohammad Naushad

    In today’s world of technological revolution, frequent update of knowledge and skills along with infrastructure is essential in the medical fraternity and laboratory medicine to achieve the ultimate goal of prompt diagnosis, efficient treatment, and management of the patient. However, the time to acquire this knowledgebase through reading literature and research articles is lacking. Medical Buyer is acting as a buffering medium in bridging this time lapse to acquire knowledge by providing frequent updates on technological advances and by providing product-specific reviews and comparisons. Expert opinions on each product help the reader in knowing the merits and demerits of a particular product and save time in purchase planning process. This magazine is facilitating informed decision making in the medical buying segment.

  • Swapna Mitra

    Swapna Mitra

    I applaud ADI Media Private Limited for the publication of their wonderful magazine for the medical fraternity. I read your entire set of magazines, and so impressed that I wanted…Read More

  • Dr Anuradha Sekaran

    Dr Anuradha Sekaran

    Medical Buyer is a good magazine for medical and lab professionals. The magazine has special features on various topics ranging from basic laboratory instruments to high-end technology helping everyone to…Read More

  • Dr Angel Rajan Singh

    Dr Angel Rajan Singh

    I have found the magazine to be a useful resource which keeps you updated with the what, why, and how of healthcare! The breadth and depth of topics covered give a newer perspective to everyone – from the CEO to a student!

  • Dr S Tasleem Raza

    Dr S Tasleem Raza

    Medical Buyer is a must-read magazine for all as it keeps you updated on the latest technology updates in medical science. The selection of contents is excellent with a unique style and clarity of presentation. Apart from giving us an insight about the recent technological advancements in medical equipment and devices, Medical Buyer also provides information and reviews about various products available from different manufacturers, which prompt us to select the product of our choice.
    The Medical Buyer team is doing commendable work and I wish them all the very best for the future!

  • Rajendra Patankar

    Rajendra Patankar

    Medical Buyer is one unique healthcare magazine which has an optimal dose (information) on not only medical equipment but also various other aspects of healthcare delivery. It give insights on the opportunities and challenges on an ongoing basis and helps us keep abreast with the information on the ground. A reader is benefitted by the detailed information on the medical equipment and helps one to make an informed decision while finalizing the purchase order.
    I especially like the section on Perspectives as it help readers to have a better understanding on the varied topics covered by people from the industry.

  • Dr Sameer Gupta

    Dr Sameer Gupta

    Medical Buyer is a very good resource for anyone involved in the healthcare sector. With reviews on current products and regular articles on the newer technologies, the magazine keeps the reader updated in this fast-changing field of medicine. The magazine is a must-read for doctors, healthcare and hospital administrators.

    Wish the Medical Buyer team all the best!

  • Dr Pankaj Garg

    Dr Pankaj Garg

    Medical Buyer is a quick update for a busy doctor. Going through the magazine gives comprehensive information effortlessly. I strongly feel such good magazines should become part of the medical curriculum.
    Keep up the good work!

  • Dr Amol Gautam

    Dr Amol Gautam

    Medical Buyer is a magazine that bridge the gap with information, in-depth analysis, and expert opinion needed for medical service providers to take learned decision in relation to various healthcare services. Keep up the good work.
    I would like to congratulate the team of Medical Buyer on successfully providing such content to the fraternity and wish them all the very best for the future editions!

  • Dr Mona Bhatia

    Dr Mona Bhatia

    Medical Buyer is indeed doing a great job of drawing awareness and highlighting latest demands, techniques and equipment in various medical fields. It would however be useful to have charted…Read More

  • Dr Vivek Sharma

    Dr Vivek Sharma

    Excellent magazine with careful analysis of advancements and topics relating to medical equipment in comprehensive manner across contemporary companies including international manufacturers are covered. Going through the magazine gives comprehensive…Read More

  • Dr Anurag Yadav

    Dr Anurag Yadav

    Medical Buyer is an excellent unbiased periscope to the world of latest medical equipment. There is a comprehensive review of the latest technologies by users and an in-depth analysis of…Read More

  • Dr Lona Mohapatra

    Dr Lona Mohapatra

    Medical Buyer is a unique magazine. It is a ready reckoner for information on medical equipment and devices in the area of recent technical advancements and automation. It makes end users aware about new technology developments, with their merits and demerits along with their usefulness in the area of quality and healthcare. As its covers every aspect of the hospital, regular reading will help us to be abreast of the current activities in healthcare

    I wish to congratulate the entire Medical Buyer team. Keep it up!

  • Dr Neelima Verma

    Dr Neelima Verma

    It is my pleasure to congratulate the Medical Buyer team for their relentless success. Medical Buyer has steadily created a niche for itself. It has now become a one-stop information…Read More

  • Dr TBS Buxi

    Dr TBS Buxi

    Advancements in medical technology are awesome and continuously changing. Medical Buyer is the medium bringing out the technology and best practices in a totally impartial manner. Contributions in Medical Buyer…Read More

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