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The future is now

Even though the future seems far away, it is actually beginning right now was said by Mattie Stepanek and we truly believe in this. COVID-19 outbreak in the year 2020 has completely changed our lives, personally as well as professionally.

Healthcare sector was one of the most affected industries. The truth is that our healthcare system was strained to its limits, working day in and day out during these trying times. ThetT private sector has been burdened a lot, not just in India, but also globally. Many hospitals, nursing homes and diagnostic centers had to suffer a lot economically and bouncing back to normal is what we all are aiming for.

The current scenario has slightly become better with a reduction in the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths. We have probably understood a little bit more about the virus, have accepted living with COVID-19 and started our new normal. The new year started off with the COVID-19 vaccination drive, which is our new hope for the future. We need to gear up our energy with double the spirit.
I think not just at the level of policy makers but from the root levels, everyone should think in the same way. The interests of both the employer and the employee should be nurtured for the healthcare system to survive this pandemic. When I talk to my fellow doctors, nurses, other administrative staff, I think everybody is under immense pressure, both mental health issues as well as financial troubles. But when it gets distressing, it’s a blessing. Onward and upward, you must press. The lessons learnt from this novel coronavirus pandemic have significant impact on subsequent growth of health-care across the globe.

As a clinical radiologist and the Director of Medical Services at Nanavati Super Specialty Hospital, patient care and safety is my first priority.

One of the things is, promoting and implementing solid program for Doctors Protection, the goal of the program is to avoid trouble from the multiple RTI and litigations that doctors are currently facing and create a supportive environment to face this situation together. Patient centric healthcare should be our goal for the year ahead. We need to remind ourselves time and again of the sacred Hippocratic Oath that all doctors swear to uphold, do no harm.

I strongly believe that the medical profession has given us a wonderful opportunity to do something noble and we need to make the most of it. These times have especially made us realize how vulnerable the human race is and we need to value the time we have on this earth.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has developed by leaps and bounds and is permeating our personal and professional front. Taking this into account, further research is warranted on the kind of impact AI would have on medicine. The pandemic has brought out some of the strongest traits in humans- adaptability and resilience, both of which have helped us realize that we can find a solution to the worst possible scenarios. One example of this is the wide-spread usage of COVID-19 pandemic had introduced us to new education portal of e-webinars which is a blessing in disguise, which is helping students keep up with their coursework.

We strongly believe mentoring recent medical graduates and budding doctors which will strengthen our community. Here I want to quote Abraham Lincoln, The best way to predict your future is to create it.

The future is always unpredictable and people say we need to live in the present but I believe in shaping our own future in the present and there can be no other way to do so than to empower and enrich our generation today. I would like to quote Mahatma Gandhi here, Live as if you were to die tomorrow and learn as if you were to live forever. The new world will see a radical change in terms of growth of technology and innovations. The acceptance and the need of technology was probably one of the main teachings this pandemic has given us. We need to understand this and promote it in every front possible. Artificial Intelligence and telehealth have been seeing a new growth and we need to be aware of these technologies to enhance our productivity. We need to embrace these and strive to make our lives empowered and enriched.

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