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The year ahead

With our mission of achieving a Healthy and Happy Bharat, made possible by the Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative, we are excited that the year 2023 will be “The Year of Transasia.” The launch of Erba-Transasia 2.0 will be a game changer, and will place us among the five Total Solutions Diagnostics Companies, globally. This will mark the culmination of our decade-long smart strategy of acquiring technology companies, based in Europe and USA, to fill the technology gaps that we have had in India. The 14 R&D companies that we acquired have been working tirelessly to develop several new exciting technologies and products, which will make Erba-Transasia a truly global Total Solutions company.

These new exciting products are backed by unique patented technologies, developed in-house, and will finally be rolled out in the next 2 years. The product range will include chemiluminescence systems, molecular testing systems, and AI-based innovative hematology systems.

Ensuring affordable diagnostic solutions that are accessible and adoptable
With the Indian medical diagnostic industry expected to grow at around 14 percent, touching USD 20 billion by 2026 from USD 10 billion in 2021, the pathology segment is expected to contribute significantly to the total market, by revenue. The industry is also witnessing growth in specialized tests, which comprise 15–22 percent by volume and 40–45 percent by value, according to recent market reports, with molecular pathology poised to grow at 35–40 percent year-on-year.

And, being the leader in the Indian IVD industry, Transasia is committed to creating a healthier and happier world with several exciting new launches lined up in 2023. Manufacturing in India has helped us provide products that are customized to fulfill India’s needs of affordability and reach, especially in Tier II–IV towns.

Transasia already has five manufacturing units in India and two overseas plants in Europe and USA, which are working very hard to meet the global demand for our products. To meet the expected huge demand for our new products like chemiluminescence and molecular testing, we have started work on a brand-new and largest factory of the future, which will churn out millions of high-quality, affordable products every year to meet the demand from over 150 countries where our products are being widely used to help their people become healthy and happy.

People and processes
Our ambitious future plans call for improving our processes, organization, and infrastructure to be more competitive and be the first for our customers. Our reach has been our biggest strength; we have the largest team of sales and service personnel in the Indian IVD industry. This has given us the capability to serve fellow Indians living in the remotest towns and villages. We will continue to further harness our capabilities to partner with hospitals and laboratories. Availability of trained experts is the biggest challenge faced by Tier-II, III, and IV cities. We recognize that our role is more than just a diagnostic provider; we are an integrated company that not just provides the equipment but also the on-boarding and technical training to laboratories.

With our mission of being the preferred partner to doctors and patients worldwide, we will continue to meet their need for reliable, affordable, and innovative medical diagnostic solutions.

Trained human resources for laboratories
To enable thousands of new diagnostic laboratories to be opened in rural India, Transasia, under its CSR plan, has established training schools to provide high-quality training for laboratory technicians, who will be amongst the best laboratory technologists that India has.

From offering after-sales service for imported medical equipment to leading the Indian IVD Industry with Made in India products, Transasia has traversed a journey of over four decades. We have introduced many sophisticated, state-of-the-art instruments and test kits that have been a hallmark of quality. So far, we have equipped 40,000 labs across India with more than 70,000 products.

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