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TN commissions Polymatech Vein Finder at Government General Hospital

PolymatechElectronics announced that its revolutionary product, the ‘Vein Detection Light’, launched last month, has earned acclaim from the Tamil Nadu Health Department.

This innovative device harnesses state-of-the-art compound semiconductor technology to aid medical professionals in swiftly locating veins for intravenous procedures. Initial trials conducted with a selected group of patients have showcased promising outcomes, highlighting the vein finder’s potential to enhance patient care significantly.

Dean of Madras Medical College and Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital has stated that initial testing of Polymatech’s Vein Finder has been done on some walk-in patients. According to him, the instrument is quite useful, especially for infants and aged patients. The device is particularly useful in patients with significant blood loss and collapsed veins. Vein Finder helps in minimizing the number of needle pricks on a patient. The Dean further added that after another 4-6 weeks’ observation, his team will come up with suggestions on any further additional features, if required in the device. TheDean appreciated such ventures and stated that more and more companies should come forward in devising such useful appliances.

We extend our deepest gratitude to the Tamil Nadu Government Hospital for their recognition. We are particularly enthusiastic about the positive impact this technology can have on vulnerable demographics, including infants, elderly patients, individuals with substantial blood loss,and those undergoing treatment in nephrology departments,” stated Eswara Rao Nandam, Founder of Polymatech Electronics”We will work closely with MadrasMedical College and Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital and implement feedback on our instrument if any and will actively deploy the vein finders in all clinics and pathology laboratories in Tamil Nadu and going forward the whole country.” This cutting-edge technology holds the promise of revolutionizing the healthcare industry by offering a solution to the ubiquitous challenge of precise vein detection in medical procedures globally.The device boasts high-definition vein detection, delivering real-time full high-definition (FHD) visualization (1920 x 1080) for unparalleled clarity in identifying subdermal veins. Weighing a mere five (5) lbs. and meticulously crafted for portability, the Vein Detection Light offers healthcare professionals unmatched convenience across diverse medical settings.

Polymatech remains steadfast in its commitment to spearheading advancements in compound semiconductor technology and devising solutions that tackle real-world challenges in the medical field and beyond. Sanitization and OT solutions those are in the trial will be released to Hospitals shortly, R&DHead – Vishaal Nandam Added. TimesTech

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