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To serve more and provide employment opportunities for more people

Innovation and entrepreneurship are two closely related words used in the business world. Entrepreneurship, by contrast, is applying the innovation to bring the ideas to life. It is social invention, which lets people do what they could not previously do.

Cloudnine was an innovation – when we started 15 years ago – most people predicted dooms day for our entrepreneurship within 2 or 3 years – many felt/advised that it is better to convert this 5 star looking facility into a multispecialty hospital. What we started as Cloudnine – where pregnancy is a wellness and not an illness – soon became our slogan, vision, and mission to save all the preemie babies – has become a household name in less than 15 years – with us having 25 branches all over the country with more than 6000 employees – is one of the greatest maternal and neonatal care hospitals in the country – and probably Asia.

For the 2021-22 financial year, we are planning to open eight more new centres – in our cluster approach – with four more new branches in the south (three in Bangalore and one in Chennai) and four in the northern cluster in NCR area. All to serve more and provide employment opportunities for more people.

Our chain of hospitals being 15 years young, we already have established vendors with quality equipment to provide our high quality care we envision – GE Healthcare, GenWorks Healthcare, Phillips Healthcare, Fanem, BPL to name a few. These equipment form part of our backbone – to provide the state-of-the-art equipment with latest technology and our expansion plans are more or less standardised now with designs too – for the comfort of the new generation of parents from X, Y, Z generations and also appealing, pleasing environment – where one does not feel it is a hospital – we have taken the dingy feeling of the hospital, smell of the hospital and replaced it with a feeling of a 5 star hotel and a shopping mall for the healthcare needs of the family – with the woman being at the centre.

We are carefully evaluating many mergers and acquisitions – which have come across our way – as so far we have been so conscious about our quality care that we have been growing only with greenfield projects.

We are also evaluating Artificial Intelligence (AI) and tele-NICU in all our centres to improve our care and see wide ranging effects. For example, the role of AI in evaluating high risk pregnancies to reduce complications, reduce C-sections, reduce hospital stay if possible and provide more home friendly care and so on. Our tele-NICU capabilities with 15 command centres manned by full time neonatologists will be the biggest tele-NICUs in Asia if not in the world and will provide technological innovation services to improve the care in any part of the world at the tap of an app on our mobiles.

There is lot more to look for in 2021-22 with regards to strategies that we are planning. It is going to be an exciting year and exciting decade for Cloudnine moms and babies in India.

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